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Accessorize Your Zoom Meetings!
May 8, 2014 by Zoom

Zoom wants to provide flexible solutions for all your meeting needs. Since we focus on providing the best video collaboration software, we’ve turned to our Zoom partners for cameras, speakerphones, and other devices that we are certain will optimize your Zoom experience.

We would like to share with you two cool accessories we’ve discovered that will improve your Zooming in ways you probably haven’t even considered…

revolve robotics logoKUBI

Imagine you’re in a remote participant in a meeting and you’re Zooming with people in a conference room. How do you see everyone? Usually the camera is mounted to the wall and zoomed out so you have a view of the entire room, and that’s how it stays. Imagine the advantage of having a camera right on the table that you could control, moving it around to make eye contact and speak with whomever you wanted in the room. It would be just like having a seat at the table with everyone else!

KUBI in conference roomThat’s what KUBI by Revolve Robotics is all about. KUBI, meaning “neck” in Japanese, is an app and a robotic base that gives tablets remote pan and tilt controls, so you can look around and have face-to-face conversations with multiple people during a video call. Someone in the room puts their tablet on the KUBI base, invites you to the meeting, and you – from your far location – can swivel that tablet around as if it was your own head. It gives you an effective presence in the meeting, rather than being stuck on a wall and left out of the conversation.

KUBI works with just about any video conferencing software; however, KUBI App 2.0 was carefully designed to work seamlessly with Zoom. Zoom meetings can be saved, shared, and launched along with KUBI controls from within the KUBI App. Download the new app today from the iOS App Store or watch a short tutorial video.

JACO/KUBI cartKUBI and Zoom can be used for a variety of purposes, including telecommuting, distance learning, remote interpretation, telemedicine, and sales presentations. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just listen to customer Mike Miller from Compology: “I feel much more connected to my colleagues when I’m using KUBI and Zoom. By having KUBI and Zoom on all day long I pick up on conversations I normally would never hear. I also communicate more often with my colleagues because starting a conversation requires less work than picking up a phone or typing over instant message.”

Now KUBI has even more to offer! JACO’s new KUBI tablet telepresence cart developed in conjunction with Revolve Robotics is a practical and cost effective telepresence solution that allows for easy, effective remote communication. The KUBI tablet mount enables remote users to pan and tilt the camera using internet controls for a more natural and interactive telepresence experience. Combined with the quality construction and effortless mobility of a JACO cart, this solution provides complete freedom to participants on both ends of the interaction.


CVI SITUATE by Clear View Innovations (CVI) is a new generation of mobile device mounting, positioning, and holding solutions. SITUATE optimizes your Zoom experience by allowing you to “situate” your video device, whether encased or not, in any spot at any angle in all three planes without exception.

Situate with ZoomParticipants in video conferences want to be comfortable, look professional, be hands-free, and appear on the opposite screen as if they are facing each other in real life – at eye level and proper distance. Only SITUATE can lift and hold video devices off the table and floor, permitting full adjustability. No more looking down at tablets in conventional cases and no more viewing your counterpart’s ceiling.

Zoom is all about anywhere, anytime video collaboration and conferencing on any device. Like Zoom, SITUATE is mobile and simple. Like mobile video devices, SITUATE is portable and compact. Uniquely, SITUATE features the CVI Spindle with two quick connectors. One connector for interchangeability with all tablets, smartphones, and cases. The second connector and set of adaptors for compatibility with all supports stands without exception.

CVI in carMobile warriors love the ability to instantly connect, detach, transfer, and store their mobile devices with SITUATE. But SITUATE and Zoom are also perfect for lawyers, educators, students, drivers, IT specialists, sales and marketing professionals, and doctors. Basically, anyone who ever meets on-the-go needs to check out this winning combination.

To Sum Up…

Up until now, the video conferencing experience has left a lot to be desired. Video and audio quality have been poor, it doesn’t feel like you’re really in the room when you’re patching in remotely, and connecting from your mobile phone has been a less-than-elegant experience. Zoom is proud to partner with KUBI and SITUATE to bring seamlessness, ease-of-use, and quality into the video collaboration experience.

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