3 Reasons Why You Should Go Mobile on Zoom

3 Reasons Why You Should Go Mobile on Zoom

shutterstock_223549600Cellphones. We managed to go from a simple device with five rows of buttons and an antenna to a full-blown computer system that fits your hand. The smartphone has become such an iconic part of our lives, it is difficult to look back and see what life was like before we had one. It wasn’t until recently, however, that the world started seeing these gadgets as more than consumer products or personal toys.

The latest frontier in mobile technology for businesses has a lot to do with exploiting the little lens on either side of the typical smartphone. These small cameras allow us to reach into places that have otherwise been inaccessible to us at most times. Airports, train stations, kitchens, restaurants, and hotel lobbies are starting to come on par with the meeting room for those who are constantly traveling. Zoom is spearheading this revolution with our iOS, Android, and Blackberry apps, ensuring that people can stay connected no matter where they are. For those who are skeptical of the sheer power that mobile “Zoom-ification” delivers, here are a few reasons why you should believe:

You can have a “show and tell” without complications.

If you use your phone, you can show anything to anyone. There are many cases why having such a versatile device connected to Zoom has its advantages. For example, let’s say you’re a realtor doing a walk-through of a new house, or a designer looking a your newest prototype. You can now get out your phone and connect with your associates or clients through Zoom, switch the camera to the rear-facing lens, and show them whatever you’re looking at!

If what you want to share is on your screen instead of in the world around you, you can easily share your cloud documents, photos, and websites with your remote participants. And if you’re on an iOS device, you can even share your entire screen, apps and all, with your meeting via Airplay mirroring to your Zoom Room system – a feature that’s totally unique to Zoom!

shutterstock_207294205Reach remote corners of the earth.

If you plan to travel to nations that have low coverage in their wired internet infrastructures (i.e. India, Egypt, Malaysia, etc.), you may have much better luck trying to connect to the waves through 3GPP LTE, HSDPA+, or simple GSM. The far-reaching capacity of wireless internet makes it possible to revolve your entire connectivity experience around your phone. Since it’s a more powerful little machine than it was 20 or so years ago, it also serves very well as a browsing and multimedia device. But perhaps the best way you can utilize your bandwidth is by connecting via Zoom.

Our platform scales the resolution of your video feed automatically according to how much bandwidth is at your disposal. In this fashion, you may be able to call up someone through video much more affordably than you would if you were to use a local phone number and a calling card. Your connectivity would also be more reliable than if you were to bet all of your chips on the hope that you may find Wi-Fi frequently in the area.

Everyone’s using a phone now!

For a growing number of people around the world, apps are starting to become a major means of communication. The app is the lifeblood of the mobile ecosystem, and Zoom is redefining what it means to communicate face-to-face. The new definition of “face-to-face” now encompasses the tens of millions of people who are using Zoom to make the world smaller. In this little segment of the digital age, we upped the ante with the ability to have an immersive and simple chat with someone through a device that is no heavier than a tube of toothpaste.

Haven’t tried Zoom yet? You can do it now by signing up for a free account, there’s no trial period expiration!

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