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3 Simple Steps to Getting Started with Zoom

3 Simple Steps to Getting Started with Zoom

Congrats on your first Zoom account! Zoom is the easiest, most frictionless way to meet and collaborate on video. Here are a couple quick tips to help you unlock the full power of Zoom.

1. Explore Zoom.

Not into self education? We can give you a guided tour instead. Check out a weekly live demo or a webinar at You can also explore our knowledge base at to get answers to any specific questions. Specifically, our Getting Started: User Guide has all the answers.


2. Zoom On-the-Go.  

Sure, Zoom on your desktop is a must, but we look great on mobile too. Download our free mobile app so you never miss a meeting or chat. Our mobile app features include:

  • Schedule a meeting
  • Start or join a meeting
  • Cross-platform desktop/mobile messaging and presence
  • True mobile screen sharing of any documents or your entire interface (apps and all!)

Download the iOS or Android app.

3. Schedule Faster.

The fastest and easiest way to schedule your Zoom meetings is to use our free plug-in for your existing calendaring system. With our plug-ins, you schedule your meeting as usual, and then just click “Make it a Zoom Meeting” to add all the Zoom info into your invite. It’s a snap!

Download your calendar plug-in or extension.

Follow these three steps and you’ll be Zooming like a pro in no time. Have fun!

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