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3 Things Trans-Tasman Business Circle Loves About Using Zoom Webinars For Engaging ‘V-vents’

3 Things Trans-Tasman Business Circle Loves About Using Zoom Webinars For Engaging ‘V-vents’

The potential of what can be achieved is limitless when people work together. The Trans-Tasman Business Circle (TTBC) is committed to harnessing the power of human connection for its clients and the greater business community in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region through the development of strategic relationships with business and government leaders. 

In our latest case study, Tanya Oziel, TTBC’s Chief Executive, and Johnny Weiss, TTBC’s Founder and Managing Director, described how Zoom has become an invaluable solution for continuing the organization’s operations and serving its clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We decided to go with Zoom Video Webinar, and within 48 hours we were up and running,” Oziel said. “We went out to probably about 20 of our top business leaders who needed a platform to speak during this time and within a short period of time we had an unbelievable program of high level boardroom briefings which we renamed ‘V-vents’.”

Oziel and Weiss described how three Zoom Video Webinar features helped to create dynamic and valuable event experiences for its clients: 

1. Virtual backgrounds

“The virtual background feature is my favorite feature,” Weiss said. “It allows us to create an atmosphere for our events, but it also allows us to customize the experience for our clients as well. When we have an event with one of our clients, we use a virtual background with their logo in it, and they love it.”

2. Polling

“We’ve also used the polling feature extensively,” Oziel added. “It gives our attendees the opportunity to express what the business sentiment is in the marketplace and helps us continue these important conversations.” 

3. Metrics and dashboards

“We love the analytics we get from the Zoom Dashboard,” Weiss said. “We can see how many people registered, how many of those people attended, how long they stayed, and how many views the content received. We use it all the time and we’ve never had that capability before. We’re currently working on creating a database for that data so we can leverage it to improve the event experience.” 

To learn more about how TTBC leveraged Zoom to deliver engaging virtual events and support important business discussions during COVID-19, download the case study.

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