3 Ways Switching to Zoom Made Us More Efficient [Guest Post]

3 Ways Switching to Zoom Made Us More Efficient [Guest Post]

Video communication has become an integral aspect of our culture. There’s dozens of ways for us to video chat with our friends and loved ones.  Yet each of these video softwares seem to let us down in some way. They freeze. They drop the call.  They display your video upside down.  The audio doesn’t work!

In the workplace, it’s even worse.  Just mentioning setting up a video conference sends most professionals into a tizzy.  Something ALWAYS seems to go wrong.  Then, if you can miraculously log in and see the other person, they invariably FREEZE!  It becomes a huge time waster (and it’s totally aggravating).

So you can see why we get a lot of quizzical looks when we tell people we’ve adopted a “VIDEO ONLY” strategy in our business.  We use video (specifically, Zoom) for any and all aspects of communication in our business we can.  What could have necessitated such a policy?

My husband Demir and I run Lifehack Bootcamp, an online productivity course for busy people struggling to manage their time and to-do list. Today, we run our company completely remotely while we travel all over the world.

So, you can imagine that we face several logistics problems.  Namely,

  1. Communicating easily with our remote team members
  2. Communicating easily with our clients!

But we also discovered that with the advances Zoom has made, a lot of the downsides that plague video conferencing have completely disappeared.  Gone are the days of technical issues, freezing screens, audio delays and “Hello? Can you see me? Can you hear me? No? Crap!”

We have come to rely on it in so many ways beyond its intended purpose, and it’s the technology that allows us to travel all around the world while running a high-functioning team and keeping our clients happy.

Here’s the top 3 hacks that illustrate how we’ve used video communication to reduce miscommunication down to practically zero.

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Alright now let’s get to those hacks!

Hack #1: Replace your conference line with a Zoom meeting

There is nothing more aggravating than being on a conference call and having one of the people on the line not paying attention.

It becomes painfully obvious when you ask them a direct question, and they respond with “What, sorry? I was on mute, can you repeat that…?”  UGH! They’re not engaged, and it becomes an ineffective, time-wasting meeting for everyone.

With video conferencing, everyone really has to “show up.” Not just in the sense of logging in and tuning out – you can see their face and truly engage them.  Plus, 55% of communication is based purely on on body language.  With video, you add this 55% back into the mix resulting in much clearer communication.

Hack #2: Replace in-person meetings with a Zoom meeting

Meetings often have to be scheduled far in advance so that everyone involved can fit it into their schedule. This leaves a huge gap of time between when the meeting is necessitated and when it actually happens!

Even if a meeting is pencilled into your schedule to take an hour, there’s a good chance that the entire process surrounding the meeting is going to tack on an extra 30+ minutes. If you’re not in the office, you have to factor in the time it takes to get there. It takes a few minutes to set the meeting up. Someone’s always late. Odds are, the meeting is going to run over time. These are all time sucks!

Being able to simply connect to an online meeting – whether that be from your house, the office or a cafe – eliminates the superfluous time sucks that surround meetings. It also drastically cuts down on the window of time between scheduling the meeting and actually having the meeting.

Previously, using video conferencing software was a NIGHTMARE. I remember as the “token” millennial of my team being called into board meetings all the time just to try and get our software working.  Nowadays thanks to the investment Zoom has made in user interface, video conferencing is just as easy as a phone call.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 9.18.15 AM

Hack #3: Use Zoom to screen share (with ease)

Most people that work in offices rely on a computer for most of their tasks. But often, they aren’t able to bring those computers to meetings. This causes endless issues when you’re actually trying to solve a technical or visual problem in the meeting.  When I worked in an office, this was solved by making hundreds of paper copies of our agenda before the meeting.  Another huge time waster and inefficient use of company resources!

Since our entire company is online, it would be impossible to clarify tasks or procedures with our employees if we couldn’t share our screen. It provides us with the ability to immediately resolve issues, teach our employees new procedures, and share what we’ve been working on with our team.

BONUS HACK: Use Zoom in an unconventional way with a “Meeting-of-One”

Sometimes even a video conference can’t fit into everyone’s schedule, but we have something that we really need to teach or communicate to our team. In that case, we’ll log into a virtual meeting room and record a ‘meeting’ without any other participants.  Then, we’ll send the recording to our employees to watch at their convenience.

This allows us to explain new procedures, give updates, and be present for our team even when none of us are in the same time zone!  The cloud recording feature means we can easily document, explain, and store videos on Google Drive so that we can train employees faster, give feedback faster and better, and stay visually connected with our remote team.

I’ve spent a lot of time chasing down the best tech and techniques for running a business remotely, so I know how daunting it can seem to switch to video communication. That’s why we created the Lifehack Summit. Our upcoming summit is going to be all about how to reach your peak potential with the best tricks and tools on the market.  We’re bringing together some of the brightest minds in this space to help you and your team run more efficiently than ever before.

Click here, www.lifehackbootcamp.com/summit, to get free access to this event.

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