4 Amazing Zoom Workspaces We Saw at Zoomtopia 2020

4 Amazing Zoom Workspaces We Saw at Zoomtopia 2020

While the pivot to remote work and distance learning has left offices, schools, and other traditional workplaces empty, so many people are adapting to make the most of their current spaces and technology. Zoom solutions are designed to flexibly meet the unique needs of any Zoom user, and we’ve seen firsthand just how creative you all can get!

Several partners, customers, and employees shared how they’re flexing that creativity at Zoomtopia 2020 and showed off their incredible spaces built with Zoom Rooms. Here are some of our favorites!

The road-tripper

Anthony Lee, Zoom Room technical sales at Zoom, shared how he built a Zoom Room inside of his family RV during our Zoomtopia breakout session, “Pushing the Limits of Zoom Rooms: Beyond the Traditional Conference Room.” Using a DTEN ON 55” and a Zoom for Home – DTEN ME, this RV was equipped with a family video conferencing room and a personal Zoom device for remote working. This allows Anthony to take meetings and his son to learn while on roadtrips, providing a much-needed outlet for exploration for the whole family during COVID-19. 

RV Zoom Room

The standing tee time

JayJay Kim, solutions architect for Zoom, described how Zoom built a conference room space for a client that combined the functionality of a Zoom Room with their golf simulator in our “Pushing the Limits of Zoom Rooms: Beyond the Traditional Conference Room” breakout session. This created a double-purpose space for relaxation as well as productive, collaborative meetings.

Golf Simulator Zoom Room

The mega lecture hall

David J. Malan, professor of computer science at Harvard University, shares how the university recreated the look, feel, and interactivity of a large lecture hall experience in our “How to Design Environment That Optimizes Blended Learning” session. Using a theater on campus and a series of TVs and cameras running two interconnected Zoom Rooms setups, Malan created a unique lecture space capable of providing an interactive experience for 150 students at a time. 

Harvard Lecture Hall

The mobile ‘virtual student’ 

Kelsey Wiegert, Academic Technologist at Choate Rosemary Hall, describes how the organization created a dynamic experience for remote learners in our “How to Design Environment That Optimizes Blended Learning” session. Wiegert shared how she and her team brought remote learners into the classroom with the mobile “virtual student,” a Poly Studio X30, a 55-inch 4K monitor, and a network switch, all mounted to a mobile cart. 

Virtual Student

Other cool ways to Zoom

If you don’t want to go as big, you can Zoom-ify any room in your home with your favorite smart display with Zoom for Home, which doesn’t require any additional licenses and works with free or paid user accounts See how smart display devices from Google, Amazon, and Facebook integrate into the Zoom for Home experience in our “Zoom for Home and Your Next Great In-Home Workspace” session. These powerful devices can up-level your work-from-home experience with voice commands, smart cameras that track your movement, and responsive touch interfaces. 
Thank you to all our Zoom customers and partners that shared their incredible stories with us at Zoomtopia 2020! To learn more about how to push the limits of your Zoom Rooms setup, contact a Zoom product specialist today!

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