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5 Favorite Features for Hosting Unforgettable Virtual Parties

5 Favorite Features for Hosting Unforgettable Virtual Parties

Staying connected with friends and loved ones has taken on a new meaning during this time of social distancing. Instead of gathering in person, virtual hangouts have become the norm — with everything from Halloween parties to birthdays to baby showers happening over Zoom.

Here’s how to use our features to throw the Zoom party of the year for your friends, family, or colleagues.

Themed party

Must-use feature: Virtual backgrounds

Themes add an interactive element to virtual parties, and the options are endless. Dress up as your favorite Star Wars character, or put on some ‘90s jams and ask your friends to come wearing flannel and Day-Glo. Encourage guests to pick out the perfect virtual background to put the final touch on their themed experience.

Get inspired by our curated selection of backgrounds featuring show sets, your favorite sports teams, beautiful travel destinations, and more!

Movie night or watch party

Must-use feature: Screen sharing

Get a group together to watch a live event, movie, or favorite show. You can pull up an event stream or play a video on your device and share your screen with the other participants on your call, just don’t forget to check the box to “Share computer sound” when the screen sharing window pops up. You’ll still be able to see and talk to each other while you’re watching. 

Large get-together

Must-use feature: Self-select Breakout Rooms

Want to host a big bash and still offer space for guests to connect? Start a few Breakout Rooms that allow guests to connect in smaller groups based on topics of conversation, or set up a different virtual party game in each room. You can even allow participants to self-select what room they want to join and move freely among them. Think of it as a virtual cocktail hour where guests can mingle and meet different people in a more intimate setting. 

Breakout Rooms

Virtual Pictionary

Must-use feature: Whiteboard and annotation

Here’s a fun, easy activity for your next virtual office coffee break. Share your screen and select the whiteboard option, which you and your guests can draw on. Play a quick game of Pictionary, Hangman, or Tic Tac Toe as an icebreaker or while waiting for others to join.

Talent show or competition

Must-use feature: Polling (licensed accounts only)

Host a virtual talent show, costume contest, scary story night, or whatever kind of competition you like and get live results! Give all participants a chance to choose the winner with the polling feature — all you have to do is create a poll with your contestants’ names and allow your guests to vote. You can even share the results directly to everyone in your party. 

Do I need a Basic or Pro account?

Basic accounts allow you to host one-on-one meetings with no time limit, and up to 100 participants in your party for up to 40 minutes at a time. If you’d like to host a Zoom party with your Basic account, you can start a new meeting after the 40-minute limit and allow guests to rejoin as many times as you want. 

If you want an uninterrupted experience plus advanced features like polling, upgrade to a Pro account. With no meeting time limit, you and your guests can Zoom on as long as you like!

Ready to jump in? Here’s how to schedule a Zoom meeting, invite others to your virtual hangout, and keep your meeting secure.

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