5 Reasons to Run Your Small Business on Zoom

5 Reasons to Run Your Small Business on Zoom

Zoom is closing in on 1,000 employees, but six years ago we were a small – and I do mean very small, all squeezed into one room coding and cold calling – business. We remember the unique challenges that come with running a small business. “How do we do it all with a small team?” “How do we impress our customers without racking up huge costs?” The struggle is real. Additionally, many of our earliest adopters were also small tech startups in our own backyard. Their early feedback helped us hone our solution for the needs of small businesses. Let’s look at five of the reasons why so many small businesses select Zoom to help them do it all…

Hand’s Off

Zoom is an easy, cloud-based platform. That means you don’t suffer any of the following:

  1. Complex hardware to install and maintain
  2. Detailed trainings or manuals for end users
  3. Ongoing maintenance costs
  4. Staffing an IT team to support Zoom

Here’s what you do instead:

  1. Sign up your small business for Zoom – check out the Pro plan at zoom.us/pricing and you can buy straight from there.
  2. Let your employees know to follow the download instructions Zoom will send, as well as the best practices we’ll send them over email in the subsequent days. They’ll find Zoom very easy to get rolling.
  3. When Zoom has a software update, your employees can just accept the update on their devices, wait a couple seconds for the software to re-download, and move on with their days.


A lot of small businesses like to start with just the tools that meet their immediate needs. They may start with a chat service, then add a web conferencing service, then a video conference room device. Soon enough their employees have to learn (and IT has to support) numerous solutions. Enough! Zoom is one solution for video, audio, and web conferencing, and persistent chat across all devices and spaces – desktops, mobile devices, telephones, and conference rooms. It’s one easy solution to buy, manage, scale, and use. See how our SMB customer Big Bang ERP has deployed Zoom across their organization.

Keep Your Arms & Legs

As a cloud-based solution built on a modern (read: efficient and scalable) backend, Zoom can afford to be affordable. Zoom doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, or even a finger and a toe. Our full-featured Pro account costs $14.99, and for that, you get unlimited meetings and minutes with up to 100 video participants in each meeting. Our Pro service is full featured – it has everything you need internal and external communications.

Don’t Even Consider Costly Rooms

The decisions you make when you have five employees reverberate as you grow. If you start your company with expensive, complex hardware-based conference rooms, you are setting yourselves up for difficulties now and down the road. Zoom Rooms, Zoom’s software-based conference room system, allows you to install off-the-shelf hardware in your conference rooms to bring them into the Zoom cloud with high-quality video conferencing, wireless content sharing, and integrated calendaring.

Get That Beautiful Face on Video

Video has a significant positive impact on your company’s internal culture and external relations. Seeing someone’s face (as opposed to just hearing their disembodied voice over a slide deck) builds trust and empathy, which is crucial in everything from shortening your sales cycles to building a remote team. Don’t take our word for it – our SMB customer Zapier describes in detail the impact of Zoom video on their company culture and success.

Sign up for a Zoom Pro account today to experience all the benefits of our video communications solution in your small business today!

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