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5 Reasons Why Top Sales Teams Use Zoom To Close Deals Faster

5 Reasons Why Top Sales Teams Use Zoom To Close Deals Faster

What does your sales team want? They want to close deals faster, meet their quotas, and make president’s club. To get what they want, they need more effective means of communicating with their customers and prospects. That’s where Zoom comes in. Here are the five top reasons why your sales team needs Zoom:

  1. Get Face-to-Face with Customers and Prospects: Video meetings are better than a traditional phone call or a video-less web meeting. When a prospect sees your face, they are more likely to empathize with you and listen to you. When you see their face, you can more easily gauge their reactions and interests. Zoom is particularly handy for external meetings because your prospects don’t need to sign up for an account to join the meeting – all they have to do is click the link in your meeting invite!
  2. Screen Sharing: Not just for sharing PowerPoints anymore! If you’re selling a software platform, walk the client through the interface. If you have an iOS or Android app, you can even share your entire mobile screen to show the prospect your company’s app.
  3. Virtual Backgrounds: Whether your goal is to create a professional appearance or just have a fun conversation starter, virtual backgrounds are a great asset. It’s ideal for making your lowly cube look like a corner office with a view, or showing your personality by seemingly joining from a yacht, the middle of the jungle, the inside of a shark’s mouth, and so on. Pretty much any image you can find, you can make your background. You can also brand your meeting by using your company’s logo as your virtual background. More on Virtual Backgrounds.
  4. Recorded Video Introductions: Email a recorded video introduction. It’s much more personable than a regular email, leading to higher response rates. This is an easy one. Just start a Zoom meeting and press record. You can give a quick introduction of yourself, your company, and how you think your product will help the prospect. Once you’re done, end the meeting, and the MP4 recording will download to your computer or the Zoom cloud. If you want, you can get fancy by researching each company so you can personalize the message, and by adding a virtual background.
  5. Serious 3rd-Party Validation: Zoom has experienced very rapid growth and adoption across all segments of business. Not just our words: Zoom was Recognized as a New Leader in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Conferencing Report.

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