5 Reasons Zoom Fits the Enterprise Like a Glove

5 Reasons Zoom Fits the Enterprise Like a Glove

Enterprise software has been the talk of the last two decades with many businesses choosing to forego long business flights and tangled phone cables in favor of the simplicity and convenience that software offers. Part of this has to do with the fact that software has become more intuitive. This emphasis on a simplified forward-facing interface has been conducive to productivity, leading to greater returns and more content employees.

The enterprise software “Big Bang” we are witnessing is also bringing technologies that used to be overlooked into the fray, namely video communications. Since 2011, we have worked tirelessly to make Zoom the video communications product that will eliminate all the struggles companies have previously faced bringing video into their collaboration toolkit, and we believe we have something for you that can deliver measurable value. Here are some of the reasons we are confident you are going to fall in love with Zoom:

Really, really, ridiculously easy.

Employees and electricity have one thing in common: They will frequently try to find the path of least resistance so that they can get their work done as fast as possible. Anything that stands in their way is seen as chaff that they have to brush aside.


This is precisely the reason why many video communications solutions can’t fare very well in fast-paced businesses. The IT staff have to scramble to provide support for those who don’t have the ability to set themselves up properly and the employees have to go through a myriad of steps just to join a meeting. Each hassle comes like clockwork. We noticed this trend and realized that it is one of the primary reasons why video isn’t incredibly popular in the enterprise space. And then we did something about it…

Zoom completely did away with the typical video meeting interface and replaced it with beautiful minimalism. You may be thinking that we had to cut out features, but the opposite is true. A rich feature set including group messaging, private mid-meeting chats, screen sharing, and co-annotation move out of view when you don’t need them. The menu is simple, with only the most important buttons front and center. This keeps the meeting completely in focus while still providing a broad feature set that works right from the start. We repeatedly hear our enterprise customers (such as JAS Forwarding and BAYADA Home Health Care) say, “It just works.” Those three words couldn’t be a better description of what our interface does.

It’s TCO-friendly.

When you buy Zoom, you’re buying the ability to reliably host 25 people and scale up to 200 two-way participants or 3,000 webinar viewers if need be. Your unlimited 25-person meetings will cost you $9.99 a month to operate. Compare this to any other business-grade video communications solution. In the simplest of terms, you’re paying peanuts to travel the world and meet with anyone you want.

shutterstock_92526319We have “Mom & Pop”-style support with a professional squad.

Although Zoom was designed in such a way that it’s about as unlikely for something to go wrong as it is for a truck to fall out of the sky, it’s not impossible. For those rare occasions when you might have issues, you can always rely on our customer success and engineering teams, which are always on Red Alert and ready to resolve any issues you have. Our enterprise customers have often told us that this was one of the big reasons they moved over to Zoom.

If you want something, let us know.

At Zoom, we have a team of engineers who are always raring to find a new challenge. This spark is what led us to create Zoom in the first place! Once in awhile, though, we might come across a customer who has a great idea for a feature we haven’t previously thought about including. When this happens, it becomes the next item on our growing list of implementations for the next release. This recent post describes some such items we’ve recently added at the request of our customers. We believe that revolving our software around the businesses and individuals using it helps breed healthy collaboration. If you have an idea, you can always feel welcome to send it over and we’ll run it up the flag pole!

shutterstock_131579165You’re safe and sound.

Most regulations governing the use of technology in enterprise environments demand that encryption be used to keep any data private. It’s in your interest to make sure that conversations you have aren’t susceptible to snoopers trying to catch a glimpse of your company secrets. We provide TLS/SSL encryption on our web interface and encrypt all video meetings with the 128-bit AES algorithm. We have also partnered with single sign-on providers such as Okta, OneLogin, and Centrify.

If you must follow regulations that obligate you to run your software on-site only, Zoom can be deployed in on-premise for your security and convenience.

Read our security page for more information.

“It just works.”

If there’s one thing to take away from all of this, it’s that we’ve spent years building a solution that works. Zoom is the best experience you can choose for the enterprise, and we certainly hope you become a part of the growing community of adopters that have seen how a truly rich video communications platform can make a positive transformation in any company. There’s only one way to see how Zoom works for the enterprise and that’s to sign up for a live demo today!

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