5 Signs it’s Time to Start Using Zoom

5 Signs it’s Time to Start Using Zoom

Meeting via video, although a recent concept, has been trending upwards around the world. Its economic impact observable and (in many instances) quantifiable. Throughout history, we’ve always seen bursts in productivity when new forms of communication were developed. Similarly, competition was also fiercer during these times, since new players emerged, empowered by these new forms of communication.

Zoom combines video conferencing, screen sharing, mobility, and group messaging into one distinct and simple package. But it’s not the package that sells Zoom. It is its long-term viability as a communication and collaboration solution that makes organizations adopt it.

To see what makes Zoom so crucial in the long run, you need to be on the lookout for the tell-tale signs of something called “communication fatigue.” Here are some things you should keep and eye on:

That's quite a phone bill.
That’s quite a phone bill.

Is your phone company amassing a small fortune from you?

The telephone remains one of the most common ways to talk to people, especially those who reside in areas well outside your reach. However, despite the fact that international and conference calling have both seen price cuts, it’s still easy to rack up a huge phone bill. In the year 2012, the world spent $1.661 trillion on telecommunications. This is an enormous sum of money, a large chunk of which represents the amount we pay to maintain our telephone communications.

If you want to make a conference call, do it through Zoom. We have heard from many customers, such as Mascus, that they see Zoom pay for itself almost immediately due to dramatically lowered phone bills.

Will you hire people outside your immediate area?

It may be no surprise to you that telecommuting is on the rise. In all likelihood, at some point in your career, you will hire the services of a freelancer or employee who isn’t situated in your area. Zoom can be a boon to your working relationship with this person.

Not only do you establish better rapport through video, but you also enhance your ability to explain what you need from the person. Reading someone’s tone of voice only tells a small piece of their story. The rest of it is told by non-verbal communication and through screen sharing and co-annotating your work together. Do telecommuters a favor and don’t phone in briefings.

shutterstock_241577377Is the time you spend traveling wearing (and spreading) you thin?

Fun fact: Flights take time. A three-hour flight is losing you three hours of your life that you will never have back. If you’re constantly “on the go,” maybe it’s time to “return to your chair” and just Zoom with that faraway client. Spreading yourself thin by flying and driving around is not only a psychologically taxing activity, but it also makes you lose out on the time you could spend getting to know more people through video. Cutting down on travel also reduces your operating expenditures. Who doesn’t want that?

Have you ever felt the need to record your interactions?

There are situations in which it is imperative to record something. Say, for example, you are training employees only to find out that one is missing. That happens pretty frequently and if you’re using Zoom, there’s no excuse to miss training anymore. You can simply press “record” so that whoever is absent can catch up later.

Who doesn't love a clumsy cat?
Who doesn’t love a clumsy cat?

Do you yearn to show someone what’s on your screen?

Whether it’s a hilarious clumsy cat video or an amazing new concept design for your latest product, we get excited at what we see in our screens. If you’re anything like us, you want to share that moment immediately with everyone in your vicinity. This is where Zoom kicks in. Just pop up in a video meeting with your buddies or team members, and viola! You can share your screen with them to your heart’s content.

If you’ve felt any of these symptoms, you have lackofzoomitis, a condition that can only be cured by signing up for a free Zoom account today!

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