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5 Ways to Elevate Your Customer Service with Zoom Contact Center

5 Ways to Elevate Your Customer Service with Zoom Contact Center

The pandemic changed consumer buying behaviors in ways we never imagined, resulting in brand abandonment and turnover among 39% of shoppers. Now, organizations are having to rethink traditional customer service business models and pivot to generate a positive experience that re-establishes brand loyalty. 

With this in mind, the shift from traditional call center services toward omnichannel contact centers reflects the growing desire to streamline customer support. Zoom’s contact center platform not only unites the customer and employee experience but can help businesses achieve and retain a competitive edge. Keep reading to find out how!

1. Meet your customers where they are

Today’s customers require several digital touchpoints when interacting with a brand. With social media, AI-chat, and videoconferencing readily available, customer service operations have progressed significantly from the days of long hold times and 9-5 business hours. This “always-available” mentality is convenient yet problematic for businesses that are slow to adapt, as people expect their favorite tools and technology to follow them from one interaction to the next. 

For an elevated customer experience and a quicker path to brand loyalty, organizations need a variety of digital channels to provide superior service throughout the customer journey. 
Zoom Contact Center is a modern contact center solution that’s optimized for video and adds a human touch to customer service conversations. Now, you can augment the customer experience with a true omnichannel solution. With voice, SMS, web chat, and video, our innovative contact center platform delivers convenience to digital interactions directly within the familiar Zoom experience. As a result, customers can resolve issues efficiently, at their leisure, and through the channel of their choice.

2. Boost employee engagement with timely service delivery

In customer service, timing is everything. The ability to assist customers promptly can minimize disengagement and boost employee morale. Zoom Contact Center agents and supervisors enjoy immediate productivity and a streamlined call handling experience when engaging with customers, as Zoom Contact Center is built into the familiar Zoom app experience.

Your customers will benefit, too. Zoom Contact Center’s expansive call routing features send calls to individual agents based on skill levels or categories. Further, the routing profiles can be customized to reflect a combination of skills within a category. This ability to quickly match the caller to a knowledgeable agent, reduce wait times, and efficiently resolve concerns helps lay the foundation for long-term relationships that lead to brand loyalty.  

3. Generate valuable agent and customer analytics

Knowing how data informs and drives decision-making is a valuable investment for any organization. But without insight into your agents’ performance, it can be difficult to measure their effectiveness or identify potential areas for improvement.

Our analytics dashboard unlocks key insights for agent supervisors and account owners to measure the proficiency of an individual agent. Zoom Contact Center admins have access to real-time analytics, where they can view up-to-date metrics on video engagements. Supervisors can then more easily identify opportunities to streamline calls, re-skill agents based on need and performance, and better optimize the outcomes of customer interactions. 

4. Combine platforms to simplify collaboration, increase cost savings, and enhance customer support 

It’s been reported that 52% of CX and IT business leaders use the same cloud provider for both their unified communications and contact center platforms. This shift toward a single provider should come as no surprise given the benefits it provides:

  • Cost savings through bundled licensing 
  • Employee productivity improvements with a common user interface 
  • Easier application integration 
  • Reduced burden on your IT teams 

Integrating your unified communications solution with an omnichannel contact center platform invites additional opportunities for collaboration as a single platform for employee communications. This simplicity is why IT and CX leaders view “Integrated User Interfaces” as the top unified communications integration to reduce operational costs and increase agent and annual sales. 

With Zoom Contact Center, you can easily add contact center capabilities to your unified communications solution and enjoy the familiar Zoom platform. With only one provider bill to reconcile, Zoom Contact Center easily integrates with other business applications, optimizes your IT footprint, and removes the IT burden of deploying additional software. 

5. Support modern workstyles with flexible cloud solutions 

Remote and hybrid work is here to stay, as Gartner predicts 31% of all workers worldwide will be remote in 2022. To maintain productivity, contact center agents require remote-friendly, location-agnostic technology. In a time where agents work across time zones with extended customer service hours, flexible solutions are key to promoting seamless collaboration between teams.   

The cloud-based Zoom Contact Center removes the dependency on legacy hardware and on-premises tools that inhibit remote work. Offering seamless integrations with popular cloud-based business applications, our contact center helps organizations discover new opportunities to improve workflows and increase employee engagement.  

Elevate your customer service support 

As we begin to accept the current state of hybrid work, it’s time to move past the on-premises contact centers and legacy call centers of yesterday. The businesses that embrace cloud-based contact centers with omnichannel support are better positioned to move ahead of the competition. 

Get started today to see how Zoom Contact Center can elevate your customer service organization.  

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