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5 Ways Zoom ‘Makes Life Easier’ for Capital One

5 Ways Zoom ‘Makes Life Easier’ for Capital One

Innovation and technology are part of Capital One’s DNA. This financial services leader has embraced digital transformation throughout its journey from startup to top-10 U.S. bank and considers it a priority to offer its employees the latest and greatest technology solutions, including Zoom.

When employees began working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom gave them everything they needed to continue collaborating without interruption.

Managing Vice President of Technology, Melanie Frank, and Director of Unified Communications and Collaboration, Fred Love, shared five ways Zoom has helped the Capital One workforce stay agile, efficient, and productive, inside and outside the office.

1. An intuitive user experience

Capital One adopted Zoom as part of an enterprise-wide digital transformation, and “it took off like wildfire,” Love said. “Users found it to be completely frictionless to start or join a video conference. It was so simple.”

“Zoom was the easiest part of [our digital transformation] — it was the intuitive nature of the experience,” Frank said. “People just picked it up, adopted it, and automatically saw it as better than the prior solution.”

2. ‘We can work from anywhere’

“With Zoom, we can absolutely work from anywhere,” Frank said. “I can connect from wherever I am — in my makeshift home office, on my iPad from my back patio, from one office to another. It creates a feeling that we’re all in the same room, no matter where we are.”

“When we made that transition to working from home, it was almost seamless,” Love said. “We had users who went from using Zoom in our office conference rooms, to using it on their home networks, and the experience was outstanding. Zoom can scale to support all our users working remotely.”

3. Collaborative features that ‘close the distance’

“Zoom closes the [geographic] distance and removes boundaries. Users can see each other, share content, and collaborate with colleagues across the U.S., U.K., India, and the Philippines,” Love said. “Without Zoom, we would be struggling right now trying to search for a solution to allow our employees to collaborate while they’re remote.”

“Within Capital One, we use Slack as a collaboration solution and a workflow tool. We deployed an integration so users who are collaborating in Slack can very easily elevate that conversation to a Zoom Meeting,” he added.

4. Enables human connection

“The quality of the video is so much better than what [employees] have experienced in the past — it just opens up brand new interactions. And even as we’ve moved into our current environment with working at home, we’re finding that people are much more open now to turning on their video, sharing more about themselves, and allowing that closer connection,”  Love said.

“Now you’re coming into my home and I’m going into your home,” Frank said. “I might meet your kids and dog. We might have a show and tell, or a happy hour. That never would have happened if we were in the office or just connecting for a meeting like in the past.” 

5. Improves efficiency & ‘makes life easier’

Working from home has unlocked a new way of doing things at Capital One. “It’s forcing us to think and work differently,” Frank said. “Employees have gone from being able to meet with one or two clients per day, or even per week due to the travel aspect, to talking with four or five a day over video.”

“One of the key features we use in G Suite is the ability to schedule Zoom meetings from Google Calendar,” Love said. “The Zoom integration makes that process seamless so you don’t even have to think about it.”

“It saves time. It’s more convenient and more efficient,” Frank added. “It makes life easier.”

Watch the video for more on how Capital One employees connect over Zoom from their home environments:

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