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1000 Years of Collaboration Experience

1000 Years of Collaboration Experience

Here’s a question for you: Would you rather use the product that’s been on the market the longest or the one built by the most experienced team?

We here at Zoom surveyed our engineering team and discovered that we have over 1000 years of combined experience working on real-time collaboration software! Zoom’s technology is four years old, but the team building it has literally centuries of experience. No one else in our industry, not even the many legacy companies out there, has close to this much experience on their teams today.

Turns out 1000 years ago was right smack in the middle of the Dark Ages. Before Zoom, we definitely saw a Dark Ages of real-time collaboration too, with extremely expensive solutions with limited functionality and room for only a few video participants. Now, with Zoom, we’re definitely in the Collaboration Renaissance. Let’s see what 1000 years of collaboration software experience means for Zoom’s user:

  • Industry-best HD video quality with adaptive layer technology so a participant’s poor bandwidth doesn’t ruin your meeting
  • Best in-class design with focus on an intuitive, easy user experience
  • A customer success team of actual human beings that actually care
  • Up to 500 video participants or 10,000 webinar viewers
  • Full mobile collaboration with mobile start and join, scheduling, and true iOS screen sharing with co-annotation
  • World’s only software-defined video conference room system Zoom Rooms
  • Runs across mobile and desktop devices, and traditional H.323/SIP conference room systems

To put our 1000 years of experience to work for you, schedule a live demo with a Zoom product specialist today!

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