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Check out our video case study on Nasdaq, a company that has evolved from a stock market into a modern financial technology company with the goal of performing better than any other exchange. The key to accomplishing this goal is effective collaboration, both internally and externally. Previously, Nasdaq was primarily relying on audio calls and […]

Nasdaq Breaks Down Communications Barriers With Zoom
January 17, 2019

Gone are the days when sales teams were able to call up a customer and give them a demo purely on an audio platform. Today, video conferencing is the new normal, allowing you to demo from your mobile, desktop, or conference room. A sales demo is the perfect time to determine the challenges your prospect […]

Best Practices for a Successful Sales Demo with Zoom and Hubspot
January 10, 2019

Let’s Do Video (LDV) has announced its 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards Winners and Zoom has won first place in three categories. LDV helps users navigate the inevitable transition from the audio-centric collaboration world of the past to the increased ROI of video empowered teams of today. Its audience consists of tech enthusiasts that voted for […]

Zoom Wins 3 Categories: 2018 Let’s Do Video Readers’ Choice Awards
January 9, 2019

Small businesses face big challenges. We know. Not too long ago we were one of those small businesses. But small businesses are also in a unique position to thrive in today’s business environment. Technology has created a world where things change fast. Very fast! While these constant changes can leave some larger companies scrambling to […]

5 Questions Your Small Business Communications Platform Needs to Answer
January 8, 2019

Today it seems there is never enough time to get everything done. Regardless of where you are or how much prep time you have, Zoom can help you make every meeting a success. Check out these game-changing features you may not know about to help you get more out of your Zoom Meetings—even with that […]

Top 3 Zoom Game Changers You May Not Know
January 7, 2019

At this Zoomtopia session, Milo Oostergo, principal product manager at Alexa for Business, discussed the future of work using voice and artificial intelligence. He starts us off with a little history. For the past couple of decades, our society went through several phases of innovation in computing – from terminals to graphical user interface, then […]

Zoomtopia 2018: Emerging Technology with Alexa
January 4, 2019

We hope you are having wonderful holidays and are gearing up to face the new year head on. Here at Zoom, 2018 was quite eventful, so let’s wrap it up with a bow by looking back at some highlights of the past year together. First, a thank you to our customers, partners, and investors for […]

2018 Year-End Rundown: Zoom’s Annual Progress
December 27, 2018

Amazon, Salesforce, Anthem, Wells Fargo, Toyota, and many other companies have remote employees, and analysts predict that more and more companies will shift towards remote workforces. According to WSJ, “While only 17% of Dell’s employees were formally authorized to work wherever they prefer, 58% were already working remotely at least one day a week.” This […]

The Future of Work: Remote Year & Zoom
December 17, 2018

Long-distance communications have a history ranging from carrier pigeons to smoke signals, from Morse code to transatlantic cables, and from telephones to satellites. Humanity keeps evolving, and today we have the advantage of video communications. Non-verbal cues are critical, and video allows you to take a note of shrug of disagreement, nod of approval, or […]

Forbes Insights: Don’t Miss the Videoconferencing Advantage
December 11, 2018