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New From Zoom: A Roundup of the Latest Zoom Phone Updates & Planned Enhancements

New From Zoom: A Roundup of the Latest Zoom Phone Updates & Planned Enhancements

You may have heard at Zoomtopia last week about some of the amazing new Zoom Phone enhancements coming out soon:

  • Spam call detection and blocking: Your Zoom Phone system can be configured to significantly filter out unwanted calls by routing spam calls to voicemail or block them automatically. (Beta planned in November 2020 and general availability in early 2021.)
  • Digital Signage Alerting for Nomadic E911 Zoom Phone 911 calls alert an internal safety team via chat and a voice call while simultaneously contacting emergency dispatchers. In the chat alert, the safety team can trigger Zoom Rooms Digital Signage to help emergency responders locate the person needing help. (Digital Signage support is expected to be in beta by the end of 2020.)
  • Zoom Phone Team SMS: Members of a call queue will be able to transfer text responses between team members, reducing duplicate responses and providing an escalation path. (SMS is currently in beta with general availability planned by the end of 2020, with Team SMS planned for early 2021.)

You can access the session recordings from our 2020 virtual user conference on our Zoomtopia webpage.

Latest updates

We also wanted to share some additional Zoom Phone updates that were just released. Here are some of the highlights available today:

  • Additional global PSTN service: Zoom Phone now has number availability in South Africa, adding to our growing list of countries and territories with local PSTN service in our Zoom Phone Global Select plan. Also, PSTN service in Israel is now in beta.
  • Expanded Five9 integration: We’ve added functionality to our integration with Five9. With Five9 Agent Desktop Plus, agents can view Zoom Presence and the Zoom Phone contact directory in the Five9 address book. With a single click, you can quickly search for and consult with someone outside the contact center. Note: This functionality is limited to accounts with a maximum of 4,000 Zoom Phone users with direct numbers. 
  • Mass-change user settings: Zoom Phone administrators can bulk-change user settings either through template enforcement or CSV upload. Templates can also be applied when a new phone user is added via single sign-on.
  • Reserve phone numbers: It’s easier and more cost effective to port blocks of phone numbers for future Zoom Phone use. When a number is needed from your reserved pool, simply assign a license to that number in the Zoom admin portal.
  • IP phone screen lock: You can lock the screen of an IP phone to protect information stored locally, such as call history and contacts. Emergency calling is still available while the screen is locked.  

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