Feature Spotlight: Zoom ABC’s of Audio-Based Conferencing

Feature Spotlight: Zoom ABC’s of Audio-Based Conferencing

Periodically we here at Zoom like to spotlight one of our features, giving you a full breakdown on why the feature matters and how you can use it to make better meetings for yourself and your participants. Today we’re spotlighting audio conferencing.

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know we’re really proud of Zoom’s HD video and screen sharing and our high quality VoIP, but sometimes you just need a solid telephone audio conference. You remember telephones, right? Well sometimes they still come in handy, like when your Internet service is spotty, your WiFi is out of reach, or you’re in the car.

Or perhaps in a less convenient setting…


Dial In

We’re sure you’ve noticed that on your Zoom invitations, there are several ways listed to join a meeting:
  1. Click the link to join by your desktop, laptop, smart phone, or tablet
  2. Join by a H.323/SIP room system or the new ZoomPresence
  3. Join by a telephone
Zoom is the first cloud meeting provider with free dial-in audio conferencing from over 50 countries. By popular demand, we will also be adding Malaysia, Turkey, and Colombia very soon. stk318010rkn

To join an audio conference, just dial one of the global telephone numbers and enter your meeting ID.  If you decide to join via a computer as well, you can “bind” your telephone to your computer by entering #participant ID# on your telephone.

Conversely, if you have joined a meeting via a computer, click Audio > Dial In and follow the dial in instructions.  Remember to “bind” so your video feed from you computer synches with the audio feed from your phone.

Call Me or Call Out To Someone

We also offer an optional premium audio feature to call you or to call a participant.

Once you subscribe to this premium plan and you will see an option in your meetings under Audio > Call Me. Ente183176275r your phone number to have the meeting call your telephone.

You can call out to another participant to join via telephone, click Invite > Invite by Phone, enter your participant’s name and phone number. It will call your participant and automatically patch them to the meeting.

How Do I Get Audio Conferencing?

Good news! Global Dial In audio conferencing comes standard with your Zoom account, even your free Zoom account.

You can sign up for Call Me/Call Out, Premium Call-In Numbers, or Toll-Free on your Zoom account portal.  Here are the rates for these particular options. You have the option to pay as you go, or if you know you’ll be doing your fair share of audio conferencing, buy one of two pre-paid plans, which are less expensive per minute.

Haven’t tried Zoom yet? Sign up for your free account today and get Zooming!

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