Virtual Acting Classes Launched on Zoom

Virtual Acting Classes Launched on Zoom

SDJ RosalynWilliamsTour Cover AOur newest case study is now out: The Ultimate Acting Experience Launches New School Through Zoom. This case explores how acting coach Rosalyn Coleman Williams – wearer of many hats (director, producer, actor) in the theatrical world – is using Zoom to create a new online-only acting class called Acting in the Digital Age.

This case starts with Williams facing a problem: organizing classes and gathering students implies physical constraints that can only be broken by video communications technology across the Internet.

Finding a solution to this is very difficult, as Williams herself told us. “When I was trying out some other video conferencing solutions, I encountered problems that were frustrating for me and my students,” said Williams. “We have had to deal with technical issues, which led to lost time.” Add performance anxiety into the mix, and this scenario becomes more like a recipe for disaster.

After experiencing difficulties that perhaps cost her some students, Williams found Zoom. How did it go? “Once we started using Zoom, my students loved it! It is reliable and this had a strong impact on their morale,” said Williams. “I recently had a class with two students, each of them with small children. I was able to send them a link and they were in my meeting very shortly after that. They participated in my class for three hours without a hitch.

Logo-updateRosalyn Coleman Williams has managed to find the right solution to keep her Ultimate Acting Experience classes in motion. Her students from Los Angeles and New York are satisfied with her services.

Now it was time for the next step: Williams is launching a new mentoring program called Acting in the Digital Age, which will admit students from anywhere on the planet and allow them to partake in the same high quality experience her Ultimate Acting Experience students enjoy.

“To launch my 100% online classes, I had to provide an authentic experience and offer guidance without having to be physically present with my students,” she said. “None of the solutions I’ve tried prior to Zoom were actually strong enough to give me the level of detail I needed to get a lesson through. To teach acting, you have to be able to feel your students’ energy. The video has to be so clear you can see them blush.”

Because of the clarity and ease of use that Zoom presents, Rosalyn Coleman Williams can now teach tomorrow’s Hollywood and Broadway actors no matter where they are. Learn more about Acting in the Digital Age by reading the complete case. And sign up for Zoom yourself today – it’s free!

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