How Australia’s AgriWebb Uses Zoom to Help Farmers Around the World

How Australia’s AgriWebb Uses Zoom to Help Farmers Around the World

The opportunity to use digital tools to increase productivity and efficiency has revolutionized the world of business, and Australian-based SaaS company AgriWebb is working to give rural farms all over the world that same opportunity. AgriWebb is delivering the digital future of agriculture to farmers by providing a solution that helps them harness the power of data. Its software helps farmers keep detailed records of metrics like water usage, animal weight, and herd growth with ease and efficiency. 

AgriWebb’s solution also provides customers with valuable data points they need to make the hard decisions that have a large impact on the operation and success of their farms. With customers in the United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, New Zealand, South America, and all over Australia, AgriWebb needed a reliable unified communications platform. 

“Much of our marketing strategy is based on attending events in rural areas, which means we have a ton of staff on the road,” said Regan McGregor, Head of Marketing at AgriWebb. “They are attending meetings everywhere, and we are also communicating with our global teams on a daily basis, so having a reliable communications platform is really crucial for us.”

Communicating with team members on the road and all over the world proved to be a challenge, but AgriWebb also found it a challenge to easily connect with many of its customers. 

“Technology isn’t our customers’ main business, and that means they are frequently using off-the-shelf solutions that are tough to integrate with,” said Jackson Lin, Head of IT at AgriWebb. “Our customers are using lots of different digital devices and often use the browser software that comes installed on those devices. While our video conferencing tools worked with some of those devices and browsers, we needed a flexible solution that would work no matter what device or browser they use.” 

AgriWebb Farm and Livestock Management Software

Not only was it difficult to integrate with these disparate tools and devices, but AgriWebb also faced a unique connectivity challenge. Most of AgriWebb’s customers live in areas where internet service is weak or unreliable, which leads to disconnected calls and spotty audio. With most of the sales demos and customer interactions done over video conference, one of AgriWebb’s biggest challenges is selling technology to customers where connectivity is a constant issue. 

“AgriWebb is a technology company trying to sell technology to a rural business, and if we’re in a meeting with a prospect and we experience technical issues, they will not become an AgriWebb customer,” said Kevin Baum, AgriWebb’s CEO. “It’s extremely important for us to have a reliable video conferencing service that builds trust right from the start.”

To build that trust, the AgriWebb team uses Zoom’s video-first unified communications platform. AgriWebb had tried various video conferencing solutions, but Zoom’s interoperability ensures the platform works with every operating system its customers use. “Zoom works with almost any device and browser,” Lin said. “You can just click a link and even if you’re using a different browser, it takes you right to the meeting.”

AgriWebb also saw a significant increase in the reliability of its video calls, even with the low-bandwidth internet some of its customers were using. The Zoom application was architected to prioritize audio and content sharing when a low-bandwidth connection is detected, which means that farmers with a weak connection can still get the same service other customers receive.

AgriWebb’s implementation of Zoom, including Zoom Rooms, has helped the company handle its recent influx of customers. The company is currently onboarding hundreds of farms a month, steadily adding to its growing customer base that includes more than 3,000 farmers all over the world. “Our biggest priority at the moment is growth, and Zoom is a mission-critical tool for our organization as we continue to grow and engage a larger customer base,” McGregor said. 

As AgriWebb continues to expand, Zoom will play a crucial role in educating its customers and helping them use the application to its full potential. “We’re now using Zoom Webinars to streamline the onboarding and training process for our new customers,” Lin said. “It’s just a fantastic solution.”

Read the full case study of how Zoom helps AgriWebb deliver the future of farming, or schedule a personalized Zoom demo with a product specialist today!

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