Analyst Report: New Approach to Video Conferencing Adoption and ROI

Analyst Report: New Approach to Video Conferencing Adoption and ROI

David Maldow, Founder and CEO of business video technology resource Let’s Do Video, has created a helpful guide for improving video conferencing adoption and return on investment (ROI). Check it out!

The ROI of video communications is undeniable. “It can provide stronger relationships between your employees. It can increase the engagement and interactivity of your remote meetings. It can improve quality of life for your team…Just by allowing your team to work remotely, productivity can increase 13%…Upgrading from phone to video improves meeting efficiency by allowing team members to truly connect, engage, and collaborate,” says Maldow.

But unfortunately, some companies struggle with adoption of video solutions. Often this is due to the complexity and unreliability of traditional hardware video systems. Maldow explains, “If it took 15 minutes to start a meeting because the video system was too complicated, those users defaulted back to the phone for their next meeting…users have a low tolerance for failure and a long memory when it comes to communications technology.”

Traditional video adoption programs have been top-down efforts. In such efforts, organizations need to focus on education and making use of tracking and metrics. Maldow also stresses that the most successful technology adoption is grassroots. He identifies the five main elements required for a solution to be inherently adoptable.

To read Maldow’s report, and to learn the 5 elements of an adoptable solution, download it here.


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