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Announcement: Zoom on Samsung DeX Debuted

Announcement: Zoom on Samsung DeX Debuted

Samsung debuted the new Galaxy Note8, along with a host of features and products in New York City today. Among the wall-to-wall awesomeness of this announcement was a great demo of Zoom running on the Samsung DeX mobile device dock.

Zoom and Samsung have partnered to provide a completely seamless mobile-to-desktop meeting experience. A user can be in a Zoom meeting on their Samsung mobile device, and simply place their device into the DeX station to continue the meeting on their desktop. No need to exit the mobile meeting and rejoin on desktop. From your desktop, you can continue to meet with video and audio, screen share, annotate, manage participants, chat, and record. You can even multitask on your desktop (we won’t tell!) while you’re in the Zoom meeting. Zoom support for Samsung DeX will be available in September 2017.

With Zoom on DeX, you can meet and collaborate more effectively than ever before. You can learn about all of Zoom’s integrations that make communications frictionless by signing up for a 1-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist today.


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