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Announcing the Zoom App Marketplace Competition Finalists

Announcing the Zoom App Marketplace Competition Finalists

Emergence Capital, Horizons Ventures, Maven Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and Zoom are proud to announce the 10 finalists of the Zoom App Marketplace Competition. These finalists submitted ideas that our judges selected as the most promising offerings built on the Zoom platform to deliver happiness to Zoom users for a chance to win $2 million in funding.

We had hundreds of submissions spanning industries, use cases, and business models. The 10 finalists demonstrate the potential to bring innovation and utility to Zoom customers, while also having a sustainable business model that leverages the Zoom ecosystem. One will be chosen as the winner of the Marketplace Competition and receive:

  • 10 Zoom Pro licenses for three years
  • Zoom Rooms subscription for three years
  • DTEN D7 55-inch interactive whiteboard
  • Priority Zoom developer support
  • Access to customer validation and feedback from experts at Zoom
  • Potential funding up to $2 million

All 10 finalists will receive a Logitech Pro Personal Video Collaboration Kit, which includes a Logitech Zone Wireless headset and Brio 4K webcam from our prize sponsor Logitech. 

Only one can emerge victorious! The finalists will come together to deliver their final pitches live to a panel of judges from Zoom and the sponsoring venture capital firms May 8th during “Whale Watch: Zoom App Marketplace Competition Finale.” You can register to save your spot for the live event May 8th and follow along as the judges search for the next whale-sized idea.

Here are the 10 finalists and a synopsis of their pitches:


Ambition’s Zoom app will incorporate video and the Zoom platform into every sales 1:1 or feedback session to supercharge sales coaching with context, nuance, and actionable intelligence. Not only are we able to provide better conversations to workers wherever they are, we’re able to leverage the Zoom platform to surface best practices and ensure program compliance across the entire sales organization.


Bloom is a marketplace that connects kids to subject-matter experts in live webinar classes over Zoom. Experts can easily monetize their expertise by offering their classes to thousands, and students can discover and learn about unique topics directly from the best.

Discuss is a customer experience platform that makes user interviews easy. Our proposed integration automatically recruits and schedules targeted consumers from your app or our global consumer panel to participate in a Zoom meeting. Bookmarks and discussion guides make it easy to take notes. Recordings are transcribed to be keyword searchable for easy clipping and sharing of playlists.


Docket for Professional Services will take the power of Docket and a deep integration with Zoom to provide a platform specifically made for client engagement meetings. Combining advanced meeting templates, workflows, and integrations with AI-enhanced reporting and feedback, to up-level the client meeting process and drive higher customer satisfaction in every engagement.


Instead of gluing together calendar reminders, documents, and email, Friday breaks down the barriers to communicating on a regular basis, which improves transparency and helps distributed teams know what’s going on at work. Our customizable workflow builder allows teams and organizations to automate daily standups, status and exec updates, and any other communication directly in Zoom Team Chat.


iScribeHealth is a mobile platform that greatly reduces physician burnout. Combined with Zoom’s secure video technology, iScribe offers a simple way for healthcare providers to conduct and document virtual visits helping to restore the doctor-patient relationship.


Pledgeling donations embedded in Zoom meetings enable the sales meeting, the birthday party, the church service, the office Zoom bingo session, and the millions of other Zoom meetings to have more connection and impact than ever before. Together, we turn Zoom meetings into an opportunity for social impact, strengthening businesses, uplifting communities, and delivering happiness.


Session gives you everything you need to turn your passion and expertise into a bookings-based business delivered through Zoom. Create a professional listing in minutes, and we’ll help take care of the rest — from marketing and getting booked, to accepting payments to notifying clients of scheduled times and Zoom details.


Social27, trusted by the Fortune 500, delivers scalable virtual events with Zoom-powered sessions, attendee-to-attendee networking, and highly interactive virtual expos. Additionally, a Spotify-style recommendations engine ensures a personalized and sticky attendee experience.


Tiled is the next generation of presentations. We allow non-technical users to create rich, immersive interactive experiences, without code. The Zoom plus Tiled integration enables better conversations, cuts down on bandwidth usage for Zoom users, allows for better video/audio consumption, and creates more immersive experiences for all participants in a Zoom meeting.

Good luck to all the finalists! Check out the Zoom App Marketplace Competition webpage for additional details and to register to view the “Whale Watch” finale!

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