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Announcing Zoomtopia 2019

Announcing Zoomtopia 2019

Following the wall-to-wall excitement that was Zoomtopia 2018, today we are excited to announce Zoom’s third annual user conference: Zoomtopia 2019! This year we’re giving you two jam-packed days of close encounters with deep-dive learnings, inspirational gatherings, Zoom partner experiences, and happy surprises.

The theme of Zoomtopia 2019 is…(drum roll please)…Out of this World! Emerge into a cosmic space of future, innovation, and progress with us, where the possibilities are endless.

A Year of Gratitude

In addition to choosing our cosmic theme this year, we’ve also chosen our focus: Gratitude. Just as we focused on Trust in 2018 and Happiness in 2017, this year we will put all our efforts toward expressing our gratitude for our customers, partners, and advocates that enable us to continue to grow and deliver happiness.

What Else is New?

Since we are exploring the farthest bounds of the universe, we didn’t want to limit our attendees with the strict tracks of a typical user conference. Instead, we will provide an immersive festival atmosphere featuring a constant flow of content. In our open-space expo hall, attendees will be able to move amongst sessions that interest them, rather than tethering themselves to just one session or track.

Explore the Cosmos

Enjoy networking and color shifting forms while you walk through the Nebula Space. Then have one-on-one conversations and product demos with Zoom experts at the epicenter of the space-inspired showfloor.

The rotating open air Lightspeed Theater will feature “Ted Talk” style presentations given by partners and other speakers, and our small discussion Constellation Talks will blur the boundaries between content and showfloor.

The Colony, our new take on the expo hall, draws inspiration from the space colonies of the future and will feature both partner exhibits and hands-on experiences with our own products.

We have a lot more fun surprises prepared and are hard at work developing an awe-inspiring speaker and entertainment line up. What can you do in the meantime? Register, of course! You can register now to secure your spot with our pre-ignition pricing (think: very early bird).

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