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Webinar Recap – Ask Me Anything with Eric Yuan & Zoom Leadership: October 20

Webinar Recap – Ask Me Anything with Eric Yuan & Zoom Leadership: October 20

During our “Ask Me Anything” webinar hosted by Zoom CEO, Eric S. Yuan, we provided an update on our progress since our last executive session on July 21, 2021. 

Eric was joined on the webinar by Richard Farley, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer; Aamir Ali, Lead Product Manager, Trust & Safety; and Karthik Raman, Principal Product Manager, Security & Privacy. Brendan Ittelson, Chief Technology Officer, and Jason Lee, Chief Information Security Officer, joined us for the Q&A session. 

If you missed this month’s session, you can watch the recording here:

Updates coming out of Zoomtopia

2:55-10:20: Eric kicked things off by highlighting some of the exciting security and privacy sessions at this year’s Zoomtopia:

He concluded by sharing a quick video the team pulled together on our commitment to security: 

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

10:21-14:14: Richard spoke about Cybersecurity Awareness Month and how Zoom is commemorating the event. He discussed this month’s importance and history, speaking to the industry’s collaborative effort to educate the public about security. He also shared Zoom’s efforts to help drive awareness and educate both Zoom users and our own employees during Cybersecurity Awareness Month and beyond.

Account security

14:15-18:42: Aamir discussed how administrators can leverage existing Zoom features to enhance account security. Using the analogy of the “Three Little Pigs” to illustrate the different levels of security associated with the strength and number of factors used to help secure accounts, he highlighted the necessity of multi-factor authentication. Aamir shared additional tips for securing a Zoom account, including using single sign-on and logging in with third-party identity providers.

Cybersecurity quiz

18:43-26:07: Karthik led a fun, interactive activity with the webinar audience — a true-or-false quiz that tests cybersecurity knowledge! Using the polling feature to gather the audience’s responses, Karthik paired correct answers with some additional cybersecurity tips around securing data, devices, meetings, and more. 


26:30-43:54: For the Q&A session, the panel fielded relevant questions from the audience. From password best practices to security training for employees, the questions prompted a lively discussion from the entire panel. 

Thank you!

Whether you attended this month’s session live or watched after the fact, thank you for your interest in learning about the latest in Zoom security and privacy. We’re continually evolving our efforts to help make the Zoom experience seamless, safe, and secure for every user.

To learn more about security and privacy at Zoom, be sure to visit the Trust Center or Zoom’s blog.

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