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Audibene/ Creates a More Connected, Collaborative Hearing Care Organization with Zoom 

Audibene/ Creates a More Connected, Collaborative Hearing Care Organization with Zoom 

Germany-based Audibene and its U.S.-based brand simplify how people buy their hearing aids. Helping thousands of patients a year find the right hearing aids for their needs and lifestyle is no easy task and requires Audibene/’s employees to work hand-in-hand with audiology partners around the globe. Robust and reliable video communications are critical for successful collaboration.

“We were using Skype, but we had requirements that Skype just couldn’t fulfill,” said Rainer Schmitt, Head of Internal IT Operations at Audibene. “Our leadership likes to be able to see all the attendees on the screen at once, and with Skype, we couldn’t do that.” 

Improving the experience for a remote workforce

Audibene/’s IT teams evaluated a number of solutions in their search for a more effective video communications solution. However, Zoom was the only one that could provide the video and integration capabilities that Audibene/ needed. 

“One of the main reasons we decided to go with Zoom is because our employees could see everyone’s faces with the Gallery View,” Schmitt said. “We also went with Zoom because it integrates with Polycom. We still had plenty of Polycom devices, and it was very important that the solution worked with those devices.” 

With the ability to see up to 49 video meeting participants in a single screen, employees were able to see remote team members and audiology partners in every meeting, creating a more collaborative, effective organization as a whole. 

“Our customer consultants who work from home use a Windows tablet with the Zoom software on it that runs a permanent meeting,” Schmitt said. “Zoom allows them to see the entire team in Gallery View so they can talk to each other, ask the team leads questions, and feel more connected.”

Removing the barriers to communication

By implementing Zoom, Audibene/ improved internal communications while giving employees a valuable collaboration tool that removes barriers between on-site employees, remote employees, and audiology partners.

And as Audibene/ has increased its use of Zoom, the platform has become more important to daily operations. Audibene/’s leadership and team leads have even installed Zoom Rooms in their homes so they have ready access to a top-tier conference room experience. 

“The people in leadership positions here have a ton of responsibility, so our team leads have Zoom Rooms in their homes,” Schmitt said. “One of our managers even had a Zoom Room installed in his holiday home on an island in Spain. He works from there about two weeks of every year.” 

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