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Case Study: Better Business English & Zoom

Case Study: Better Business English & Zoom

chris rushChris Rush is an online business English teacher, providing lessons through his company Better Business English for intermediate to advanced English speakers who need to further improve their language skills to improve their job prospects. “Most of my students are entirely functional in an English-speaking environment,” explains Rush, “But they want to focus on their accent and small errors so they can, for example, improve their presentation skills at work.” Given the starting point of intermediate English skills, Rush as been able to work with pupils from 100 different countries (he can also work with pure beginners from Spanish-speaking countries as he also speaks Spanish).

Rush contracts with enterprise companies, working with their HR departments to find employees that can benefit from his services. He provides one-on-one lessons with executives in need of English tutoring, tailoring the lesson to exactly the parts of speech the student struggles with. He also uses digitized textbooks, and while the lessons mostly cover speaking, they also work on listening, reading, and writing.

Rush wanted to ensure that he provided the best, most frictionless experience to his clients during their online lessons. This came down, in large part, to the quality of the tools he uses, including his communications software. “Most people in my business use a popular consumer-grade solution. But I wanted something more professional,” said Rush.

teaching englishFor awhile Rush used another cloud solution, but it lacked whiteboarding and annotation, and it was a difficult experience for his users. “How to turn on the audio was completely unintuitive, which was hard on my clients. So for awhile I was using one solution for audio, and another for video. That was just unnecessarily complicated.”

Then he found Zoom. “Zoom is the complete package! It has the video and audio quality, whiteboarding, it is simple for people to join, and it works well in low bandwidth,” exclaimed Rush. The last point being crucial because Rush teaches many of his lessons from low bandwidth areas such as national parks as he travels around the US in an RV.

live demoRush pairs Zoom with a wireless headset, mouse, and HD webcam from Logitech. Add in his Macbook Air and a wireless card, and he has a fully mobile, high quality teaching environment.

At anytime, Rush may have 10 to 30 students for whom he provides one-on-one English lessons. His clients are mostly executives from major enterprise companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and McDonalds. His lessons are 100% online and getting new business relies on providing quality experiences and lessons for his students. That’s why he switched to Zoom and why he sticks with Zoom.

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