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Connect Your Teams with Box & Microsoft SharePoint Integrations for Zoom Team Chat

Connect Your Teams with Box & Microsoft SharePoint Integrations for Zoom Team Chat

Providing users and teams with innovative solutions that empower them to be productive is critical to the success of any organization. For organizations with teams distributed across the globe and hybrid or remote employees, this is especially true. 

Creating these innovations that empower teams to do more together is at the heart of Zoom, so we are thrilled to offer our customers another way to enhance team collaboration with the announcement of Box and Microsoft SharePoint integrations for Zoom Team Chat channels. 

Store, create, and collaborate directly from a Zoom Team Chat channel

Available today, the Box and Microsoft SharePoint integrations for Zoom Team Chat empower teams to save time and simplify workflows with the ability to upload, share, access, and manage files.

With the ability to seamlessly move files and documents into folders directly within Zoom Team Chat, never lose track of your important assets again!

In a Box or Microsoft SharePoint-backed channel, users can start uploading and sharing files by creating a new folder directly in the Zoom Team Chat channel. That folder is automatically created in Box or Microsoft SharePoint to avoid duplication. This enables admins and account owners to manage their organization’s content in one place. By leveraging third-party cloud content platforms, documents that are created in the team chat channel will also be added to your Box or Microsoft SharePoint environments respectively. 

Work together on documents in real-time 

With the ability to seamlessly upload, share, access, and manage files within Zoom Team Chat, it’s easier than ever to connect with your teams and get more done together. Users can use the Box and SharePoint integrations to:

  • Enhance editing and document review – Edit a variety of content types stored in Box or Microsoft SharePoint, with the ability to work together in real-time. For Box, these include Box Notes, Google Docs, or Microsoft Office 365. For Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office files are supported.
  • Streamline sharing – Chat channel members are automatically added to documents created in the channel so you don’t have to remember to add an individual collaborator.
  • Seamlessly track changes – Document creation and edit history is displayed in the Zoom Team Chat channel, so channel members can view who created and last modified the document. 

The future of cloud storage collaboration 

Regardless of how you work, Zoom Team Chat helps to enhance productivity by enabling quick and effective communication. The Box and Microsoft SharePoint integrations, with more third-party cloud storage options coming soon, are one of the many ways to elevate your Zoom Team Chat experience. 

Interested in leveraging these integrations in your Zoom Team Chat environment? Visit the Box or Microsoft SharePoint support articles to learn how you can integrate these collaboration tools with your team chat! 

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