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Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) Brings Flexibility to Cloud Phone Solutions

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) Brings Flexibility to Cloud Phone Solutions

It’s no secret that modern enterprises are turning to best-of-breed cloud services and SaaS solutions as a way to gain flexibility in how they deploy and manage their critical business technology. Increasingly, traditional phone systems are being retired in favor of more modern cloud phone solutions, but the often-complex migration process has led to an increased need for a Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) approach.

As more organizations migrate their phone service to a cloud solution, too many cloud providers require you to go all in with them, which often means abruptly migrating away from your current carrier and going all-in with their VoIP service. Here at Zoom, we’ve embraced a hybrid model to offer more flexibility in your journey to the cloud, and BYOC is a critical part of our Zoom Phone offering.

What is Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)?

A BYOC strategy enables flexibility when it comes to corporate telephony solutions and offers additional connectivity options to fit your organizational needs. BYOC provides a clear and manageable migration path from your legacy on-premise PBX to a cloud solution. Businesses going the BYOC route can:

  • Power Zoom Phone with phone numbers and local PSTN access in virtually any country.
  • Consolidate distributed branch offices and users into a single cloud PBX account for improved manageability.
  • Maintain existing PSTN (public switched telephone network) service provider contracts to avoid early-termination fees.
  • Minimize toll charges by keeping previously negotiated per-minute calling rates.
  • Avoid number porting headaches and keep phone numbers (DIDs) with your current carrier.

Bring Your Own Carrier to Zoom

Zoom Phone is a modern cloud phone system available as an add-on to the Zoom Meetings service. With Zoom’s optional BYOC feature, enterprise customers who wish to keep their current PSTN service provider may power the Zoom Phone cloud PBX service by redirecting their existing voice circuits/trunks to the Zoom Phone cloud. This unique capability allows customers to enjoy all of the benefits and features of Zoom Phone while keeping their existing service provider contracts, phone numbers, and calling rates with their preferred carrier of record.

This approach provides several key benefits to simplify the lives of customers and prospects using Zoom’s unified communications platform:

  • Easier migration: When moving to the Zoom Phone cloud, the dial tone still comes from your existing carrier, and there’s less risk with trying to port over large volumes of numbers.
  • Less friction: A common point of contention when migrating to a VoIP phone service is breaking the service contract with your current carrier. Enterprises using Zoom Phone can stay on their carrier or migrate to Zoom Phone Calling Plans over time, providing maximum flexibility.
  • Global support: Zoom Phone’s BYOC option enables global phone support, so organizations can enjoy Zoom’s great service anywhere in the world. Any multinational company with locations and employees in another country, even if Zoom doesn’t have service there, can still use Zoom Phone powered by a local service provider.
  • Pricing flexibility: BYOC helps businesses save on early-termination fees and maintain pre-negotiated call rates, so organizations can leverage the best pricing for their telephony needs.

Flexible PSTN connectivity options provide maximum service flexibility for businesses looking to migrate to Zoom Phone. With native unlimited and metered calling plans, and the option to Bring Your Own Carrier to the Zoom cloud, customers have an unprecedented range of connectivity options to the PSTN.

Or, Zoom can be your carrier as well. It’s really up to how you want to manage and deploy your phone service.

Zoom BYOC Features
Zoom Phone can be your PBX replacement anywhere in the world and provide global availability because it can:
* Connect your existing PSTN trunks to Zoom Phone
* Support direct Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk connections from your current service provider
* Leverage on-premise Session Border Controllers (SBCs) from AudioCodes to redirect SIP voice traffic from your existing on-premise solution to the Zoom Phone cloud

Enhance Business Flexibility

Ultimately, a cloud phone technology provider shouldn’t be telling you how to run your business. Are you happy with the service provided by your current carrier? That’s great; stick with them. Want to shop around for the best rate or service? That’s cool, too. We’re more than happy to provide the Zoom Phone interface while you continue using your current PSTN carrier or until you’re ready to switch to the Zoom cloud.

Want to learn more about how Zoom Phone’s BYOC strategy helps mitigate migration risk, enhances business flexibility, and enables global enterprises? Download the free “Leveraging Zoom Phone” white paper and sign up for a personalized demo, today. 

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