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Bring Zoom Into Your Apps With Our Customizable SDK

Bring Zoom Into Your Apps With Our Customizable SDK

For years, Zoom SDKs have enabled developers to integrate Zoom’s video features into existing applications. But developers have asked for greater flexibility and freedom to create more immersive and branded app experiences. 

That’s why we’re expanding our SDK offering with a customizable SDK that’s built for ease of use. Available by the end of October, Zoom SDK offerings will allow developers to bring more of Zoom’s high-quality video, audio, instant messaging, and other interactive features right into your app.

Find the Zoom SDK solution that best fits your needs

With Zoom SDK, there are more options than ever for developing video-based apps:

  • Customizable SDK (new!): Enrich your own custom video-based application with the Zoom Video Communications platform. Developers get freedom of UI and session control. 
  • Meetings SDK: Integrate Zoom Meetings into your existing application workflows with the default Zoom Meetings UI. 

Build the apps you want with customization

With Zoom’s customizable SDK, you can create your own real-time video applications built on top of the Zoom platform. You can also enrich your apps with features like screen sharing, in-session chat, gallery view, and third-party streaming.

Our customizable solution gives you:

  • Greater flexibility: Zoom’s cloud-based architecture is designed for video and engineered for flexibility and reliability. Whether your app offers one-on-one video chats or sessions with up to 300 participants, you can rest assured knowing your platform has a proven track record of high-quality performance.
  • Freedom of UI and session control: Create a custom UI with your own branding, video composition, and layout. Users won’t even know your video app is powered by Zoom — but you’ll have all the features and reliability of the Zoom platform.
  • Access to raw HD video and audio: This allows you to enrich the experience with things like augmented reality, live multi-camera concert events, or individual media stream interpolation, creating even more immersive ways to engage users.
  • Support for multiple development platforms and native mobile apps: With minimal code to deploy, our SDK is developer-friendly and easy to use, and will initially be available for Web, AndroidOS, and iOS.
  • Real-time engagement: From video and voice call to screen sharing, plus real-time interactive video and audio streaming, building on our platform enhances your ability to connect to users. 
  • 10,000 minutes per month at no charge: If you need more minutes, we have flexible payment options to fit your needs, including pay-as-you-go or annual volume plans.

The ability to customize and control the user experience while building directly on top of the Zoom platform means the use cases are virtually endless. You can create engaging experiences for retail, gaming, social, telehealth, and more!

How to get started 

It’s easy to get started building your video-based app with our Zoom SDKs. Sign up at and complete a short form outlining your intended use case.

Once your registration has been approved, you’ll get access to sample code, mobile and web demo apps, and developer documentation. 

Happy building!

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