Build Your Startup With Zoom

Build Your Startup With Zoom

StartupThe typical startup is started by someone with an idea burrowed deep inside their noggin. This is what sets them apart from businesses. Although they both become one and the same eventually, at its nascent stage, a startup is nothing more than an idea in development. For that idea to work correctly, you need a team.

So, you look through all corners of the internet (including some you wish you may have never clicked into) searching for the best people to get everything done, from your investors to your employees to your customers. In order to get from the startup stage to the multimillion-dollar superstellar worldwide corporation stage, you’ll need to have people who are engaged, loyal, and enthusiastic about what you’re doing. You might not know this yet, but you absolutely need Zoom for this to happen. Let’s look at why…

Build rapport easier than operating a microwave.

In your college days, you may have become familiar with this strange and magical device known as a microwave. These things can zap any piece of food you put into them, and they were your salvation during those years. You might even still use one now sometimes due to its convenience and ease-of-use.

Zoom is to a startup as a microwave is to a hungry college student. It’s fast, it’s easy to use, and even the lowest-tier option will totally get the job done.

Why is this important? Well, you’re going to have to talk to people. Often times, these people are so far away from you that even if you fly coach you’re still going to set yourself back more than you bargained for. Before you know it, you’re out of money before you ever get the light of day from a venture capitalist (VC).

Want to present your minimum viable product (MVP) from Seattle to someone living in Houston? Need to meet with a VC from South Korea? Sure, you can probably pull things off by mailing a package and exchanging some phone calls. But is that really how you’re going to make an impression? The truth is that people trust you more if you show them your face. You’re now a human being to these people. You’re more than a voice on the phone or some email address.

You also don’t want to be requesting your potential investors or customers sign up for a video conferencing service just to meet with you (like many platforms – who shall remain nameless – require). With Zoom, you just send your participants the meeting URL, they click it, automatically download the lightweight app, and join the meeting.

Mobile CollaborationMeet at any time, from anywhere.

Every single moment you spend not marketing your product, appealing to potential clients, and talking to your team about future goals is a moment you’re losing potential future earnings. Any drop in productivity could weigh in heavily when the time comes to actually launch whatever it is you were working on so diligently. Do you really want to miss the pass here?

What this means is that you have to be available at all times to handle any situation no matter where you are situated. Enjoying a martini at Cancun? Too bad! You’ve got a brainstorming meeting to attend, and if you’re not there, you really have no clue of what you’ll be facing once you’re back home.

Zoom will operate beautifully on your iOS or Android mobile device and keep you company everywhere you go. Treat it just as you would your regular desktop Zoom meetings. You can even share documents and websites from your Zoom mobile app. Learn more about mobile collaboration on Zoom.

Communicate with your team.

Over phone and email, you’re a faceless entity that’s shoveling work at your team. That’s not exactly how you want to maintain relationships. Getting on video will change the way you interact with your team. It makes conversations more dynamic.

However, that’s not the only reason you should be using Zoom with your team. Screen sharing adds a new dimension to the conversation. Since you no longer have to be in the same room to share what’s going on in your computer, you can look for talent in every corner of the globe. You may have a few team members in your local area, but you also can hire people from countries you’ve never visited now. Sharing your screen, especially with our annotation, remote control, and whiteboarding features, will broadcast your computer to the entire team as if though they’re standing right behind you and looking at where you’re clicking.

It may sound like only corporations with private jets get to use top-of-the-line software, but Zoom is totally within your reach. First of all, it doesn’t cost you a penny to use. And second, your team members don’t even need accounts to join your meeting. Feel free to use it to your heart’s content by signing up now!

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