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Burke’s School Uses Zoom Rooms + Neat to Design Classrooms For the Virtual Learning World

Burke’s School Uses Zoom Rooms + Neat to Design Classrooms For the Virtual Learning World

As an educational institution with over a century of experience educating girls, Katherine Delmar Burke School (Burke’s) recognizes the importance of a holistic approach to education that prepares its students to flourish in an ever-changing world. The world has changed in unprecedented ways since the arrival of COVID-19, and like many other schools across the country, Burke’s needed a solution that would empower the organization to deliver a dynamic learning experience in a virtual space without breaking the bank with expensive licenses and equipment. 

In our latest case study, Mike Matthews, Director of Program Innovation at Burke’s, described how the organization was able to transform its campus and leverage Zoom and Neat hardware to affordably create an exceptional virtual and hybrid learning experience

Affordable, easy-to-use video solution

When COVID-19 swept across the United States, Burke’s sought an affordable and intuitive solution that could create an engaging online learning experience. 

“We needed to narrow the gap between the quality of the experience we could provide in person and the quality of the experience we could provide virtually,” Matthews said. “We wanted our students to feel more connected to the classroom, so we started looking at distance learning classrooms. The audio and video quality were really important to us, and we didn’t want it to be something else our teachers had to learn. They needed to walk in, push start, and get into their lessons.”

Expanded classroom possibilities with the Neat Bar

Matthews quickly learned that most distance learning solutions that provided that exceptional user experience cost over $100,000 for a single classroom. Matthews found the Neat Bar as part of Zoom’s recommended classroom hardware, and after experiencing the technology, he knew the combined Neat and Zoom Rooms solution could meet Burke’s needs without breaking its budget. 

“After assessing things like affordability and ease of deployment, we decided to order a Neat Bar,” Matthews said. “We tested it out, and once we showed it to the leadership team, there was this excitement as we realized, ‘This feels different than just Zooming from home’. We could all see the possibilities of how we could use it.”

Repurposing space for a frictionless teaching experience

Burke’s has redesigned much of the space to ensure its teachers could deliver an exceptional online learning experience with Neat + Zoom. 

“We’ve repurposed our classrooms and outfitted them with Neat Bars,” Matthews said. “Even our lunchroom has been turned into Neat Bar Zoom classrooms! We have been providing training and tech demos for our teachers and using Google Groups to populate students’ schedules with Zoom links and calendar invites. The Neat Bar is populated in each teacher’s room as well, so when they walk in, they can just pick up their Neat Pad and start the meeting in one click.” 

To learn more about how Burke’s is leveraging Neat and Zoom Rooms to create an effective and frictionless virtual learning experience, read the full case study.

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