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The Business Value of Zoom: More Meaningful Connections, Improved Productivity, and Up To a 261% ROI

The Business Value of Zoom: More Meaningful Connections, Improved Productivity, and Up To a 261% ROI

Our customers happily share with us just how much impact Zoom’s unified communications platform has on their organizations and their connections with their customers. So we set out to quantify Zoom’s business value and provide a framework for organizations looking to understand their unified communications investment.

The good news is, a new research study indicates that Zoom’s unified communications platform provides a 261% return on investment for a composite model organization with a payback in less than six months.

“The Total Economic ImpactTM of Zoom’s Unified Communications Platform,” a study commissioned by Zoom and conducted by Forrester Consulting, found that the composite model organization using Zoom could:

  • Improve employee productivity by adding up to 52 minutes of productivity per employee per week
  • Expedite sales cycle effectiveness by improving the time-to-value of sales by 70%
  • Streamline internal IT support by reducing troubleshooting time by 75%
  • Eliminate redundant technologies and reduce travel to save millions annually

To quantify these findings, Forrester Consulting interviewed a collection of decision-makers at four organizations that purchased and deployed Zoom for unified communications. While each customer varied in size and industry, each realized significant cost savings and economic benefits from implementing Zoom.

These data points helped Forrester Consulting build a financial model that shows a composite organization using Zoom experiences benefits of $46.23 million over three years versus costs of $12.81 million, adding up to a net present value of $33.42 million and an ROI of 261%.

The research also indicates that Zoom improved organizational resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, enhanced employee and customer satisfaction, and boosted employee collaboration. This confirms what the world witnessed in the growth of Zoom’s customers and usage during the pandemic.

One IT services exec interviewed for the study, “The difficulty using our prior solutions had a negative impact on customer and client relationships. We were getting a number of complaints and started to look unprofessional.”

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Editor’s note 3/2: This post was updated to add clarification around the composite model organization in the study.

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