Case Study: Healthie Connects Providers to Thousands of Patients Via Zoom

Case Study: Healthie Connects Providers to Thousands of Patients Via Zoom

Check out our recent case study on Healthie, a telehealth and practice management platform that helps connect healthcare professionals to patients.

Founded in 2016, Healthie simplifies practice management for professionals by providing tools for billing and scheduling, increasing provider access to clients through telehealth, and offering a virtual environment to communicate with and educate clients.

Healthie needed a high-quality video communications solution that would integrate easily into their platform across all devices, enable a HIPAA-compliant virtual environment that protects client information, and provide a reliable connection regardless of location.

Thanks to Zoom’s robust API, Zoom was very easy to set up and integrate into the Healthie platform on their web application as well as their iOS and Android apps. Because Zoom was so successful within the platform, Healthie further expanded their Zoom use by deploying five Zoom Rooms and Zoom Video Webinars.

“Everything we need is already built into the [Zoom] platform … Screen sharing allows providers to share worksheets, test results, or food journals, and helps both parties stay on the same page. Zoom helps providers stay organized as well. They can have multiple meetings from just one account, record sessions, and access information from any device,” says Erica Jain, co-founder and CEO at Healthie.

Currently, around eighty percent of the thousands of providers using Healthie’s platform use Zoom to connect to tens of thousands of clients and patients.

Read the full case study, and make sure to check out other case studies as well. Ready to learn how Zoom can kick start your venture? Sign up for a 1-on-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist today!

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