Productivity App Klaxoon uses Zoom to Enhance Productivity

Productivity App Klaxoon uses Zoom to Enhance Productivity

Check out our recent case study on Klaxoon, a productivity and collaboration company based in Rennes, France.

Founded in 2015, Klaxoon works to improve teamwork efficiency by offering a suite of applications, including meeting tools, brainstorming tools, a survey maker, and private networks. Klaxoon’s suite of apps helps companies to get 100% employee participation and reduce meeting times by half, creating a high return on investment and saving resources.

With 150 employees distributed across the world in cities such as Rennes, Paris, Lyon, and New York, Klaxoon is constantly thinking of ways to improve their own internal collaboration and keep their workforce connected.

David Weinling, marketing and business intelligence manager at Klaxoon, believes that video communications is a core element of the company success. “We are all about teamwork efficiency … Being in touch and seeing each other face-to-face is quite an advantage. We see video communication as an extension of Klaxoon, narrowing the distance between employees.”

Klaxoon needed a video communications solution that supports audio, video, and collaboration features, such as screen sharing. They also needed a solution that would be convenient, easy to deploy, and simple to use. After looking at a wide array of solutions, Klaxoon chose Zoom because it met these needs with reliability and simplicity.

Klaxoon uses Zoom for both internal and external use cases. Zoom has been particularly helpful in sales demonstrations and customer support meetings. Because Klaxoon’s application suite is highly visual, Zoom’s screen sharing feature has been perfect for easily sharing visual information with customers and in engineering stand-ups.

Klaxoon employees find Zoom extremely easy to use, and management appreciates its ROI. “You just click, and you’re in a meeting … Zoom has been a great return on investment as well. It reduces the distance between remote employees, and it has become a crucial part of our team’s efficiency. It’s very affordable compared to other solutions, and frees up a lot of time for us,” says Weinling.

Read the full case study, and make sure to check out other case studies as well. Ready to learn how Zoom can kick-start your venture? Sign up for a 1-on-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist today!

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