Case Study: Radford University uses Zoom to Broaden Classroom Reach

Case Study: Radford University uses Zoom to Broaden Classroom Reach

Check out our case study on Radford University, a public university located in Virginia. Founded in 1910, Radford is one of eight doctorate-granting universities in Virginia. The University spans three locations and offers programs in more than 100 fields of study. The university currently has more than 9,400 enrolled students.

In an effort to increase support for video communications, Radford University created the Department of Voice and Video Technologies. This department connects remote students, increases educator reach, and improves communications between campuses and partner universities. Radford University needed a solution that could scale with their growth and integrate with their pre-existing hardware investment.

Radford University started a pilot of Zoom for small administrative meetings, and Zoom quickly spread across the university. Soon after, they upgraded their conference rooms to Zoom Rooms, implemented Zoom Conference Room Connectors to their classrooms equipped with legacy hardware, and distributed Zoom Pro licenses.

“Using  Zoom, students can have group study sessions and faculty can teach remotely while students join in where ever is comfortable for them. Our transition has been easy with Zoom’s features. It is essential to have multiple screen compatibility and video breakout rooms. Previously, we relied on two separate technologies to provide video and breakout rooms for distance education. Zoom provides both,” says Don Hall, manager of voice and video technologies at Radford University.

Zoom proved to be a perfect solution both in and out of the classroom. Zoom quickly connects staff members between Radford campuses and partner universities, and also helps in recruiting and sharing best practices.

“Face-to-face is so much better than phone or chat. Driving from one campus to another doesn’t make sense for productivity. For candidate interviews, Zoom is a much better alternative than spending resources getting the candidate onsite. We can also more easily connect with other educational institutions to share teaching resources,” says Hall. Other administrative use case include training sessions for staff, advising sessions, contacting guest speakers, and internal conferencing with campus officials and faculty.

In the classroom, Zoom has allowed Radford University to create a hybrid classroom model, using Zoom to integrate with traditional infrastructure technology. In the classrooms with Zoom Conference Room Connectors, three screens were installed in the back, giving the lecturer a gallery view of all remote students, the content, and the active speaker all at the same time.

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