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Case Study: Zapier Goes 100% Remote on Zoom

Case Study: Zapier Goes 100% Remote on Zoom

Check out Zoom’s newest case study: Zapier Enables Work-Life Balance With Help From Zoom, a first-person account by Wade Foster, Zapier’s CEO.

Zapier is a workflow automation app that integrates about 800 different web apps. Slack, Salesforce, Zoom, MailChimp, Google Apps, Dropbox, you name it and people can use it on Zapier. This case focuses on how Zoom has enabled start-up Zapier to hire for talent instead of location. Zapier has built a successful business that operates 100 percent remote, hiring talented teammates from a global workforce and using Zoom to stay connected.

Keeping in touch was easy for Zapier back in the beginning, when it was just three founders. They’ve been at it for five years, though, and the Zapier staff has grown to 85 talented professionals. Eighty percent of those staffers are in the United States, and the rest are spread across 13 different countries. In order to keep in touch with such a large and geographically dispersed team, they rely heavily on video conferencing with Zoom.

Before Zoom, Zapier tried Google Hangouts and one other solution, but neither could handle the large groups of simultaneous video conferencing users. Zoom, on the other hand, delivered. Since their very first meeting, the performance has been rock solid. They rely on Zoom to maintain their culture too, with activities such as the Thursday Hangout, a company-wide video meeting where the team talks, laughs, and exchanges ideas.

Foster also shares tips in this case for managing remote teams, such as requiring everyone to be remote, even co-located employees, and the importance of documentation.

Read the entire case study and check out our library of awesome customer case studies. If you’d like to learn how to run your remote workforce on Zoom, sign up for a 1-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist today.

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