Case Study: Zoom & Monroe County Save Lives During Hurricane Irma

Case Study: Zoom & Monroe County Save Lives During Hurricane Irma

Check out our case study on Monroe County, which is located in Florida and consists of 21 departments.

When hurricane Irma hit Florida in August 2017, Monroe County’s employees had to address this emergency, making sure to fill all unmet needs in coordination with the public utilities, transportation outlets, law enforcement, school districts, fire rescue, social services, and emergency agencies. Preparing their response to this and future hurricanes became Monroe County’s primary concern.

In extreme emergencies, such as hurricanes, a legacy conference solution was not adequate because agencies outside the county couldn’t reliably, quickly, or easily use it at their locations. Thus, Monroe County’s leadership was looking for a fully online cloud communications platform that was usable for all agencies wherever they were located and stayed reliable in low-bandwidth environments. They needed software that was user-friendly, instant, and provided group chat, screen sharing, and video meetings.

In the summer of 2017, Monroe County’s emergency management director introduced Zoom to the county as a reliable communications tool during storms and hurricanes.

Cammy Clark, public information officer for Monroe County, said, “The best part of Zoom was an ability to join a video conference call on the phone, whether one works from home, is in the car driving, or shopping in a grocery store. On the day after the storm, I was on a Zoom call when my laptop’s battery died, and there was no electricity to charge it. Thankfully, I was able to rejoin the conference from my phone.”

The county IT Director created a chart, where he listed which communications software performed either poor or excellent during the storm emergency. Most of them were marked as “poor,” yet Zoom was the leading solution, designated as the easiest and most reliable during Hurricane Irma.

Currently, Zoom is the number one communications platform used by Monroe County’s teams. Various county department directors use Zoom for their meetings. More than 100 people from over 25 agencies join Zoom for emergency management calls. The program sustainability director is using Zoom to meet with contractors and people that are working on canal restoration projects.

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