Case Study: Zoom & SRA Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Case Study: Zoom & SRA Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Check out Zoom’s new Case Study: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty, a firsthand account of how Zoom’s meeting and webinar technology has opened doors for a non-profit organization, Students Rising Above, and the students it serves.

Students Rising Above (SRA) is an organization that provides educational and professional support to low income, first generation college students who have demonstrated an applied commitment to education, overcoming obstacles such as neglect, homelessness, and severe poverty. Students Rising Above uses Zoom as the backbone of their business, diversifying their content, expanding their audience, and providing an intuitive and consistent platform they can rely on.

Keeping students engaged in an online atmosphere is a challenge, but it’s near impossible when that student has to decipher what their instructor is saying through a laggy connection. “Retention and engagement are paramount to our success,” says Vanessa Barbic, Associate Director of Online Programs at Students Rising Above. SRA was looking for a reliable video conferencing solution to host 8-12 large webinars a month for students. In addition, SRA partners with multiple non-profits who also access their webinar content, cementing the need for a consistent and intuitive video communications solution. Kids have enough distractions, a laggy connection doesn’t need to be one of them. Because of this, SRA turned to Zoom.

Zoom’s easy setup and reliable performance has given SRA the confidence to expand their webinar “panelist” repertoire like never before. Their list of contributors now includes speakers such as community members, and alumni of the program. “Before Zoom, we stayed away from inviting those folks because it was too complicated to explain the process and get them set up,” explains Barbic. Additionally, Barbic says the webinars that include alumni are massively popular, increasing engagement with students who can see firsthand the possibility of sustained success in the working world.

Students Rising above has used Zoom to improve other areas of their organization as well. Internal communication improves as employees, who mostly work remotely, are able to meet “face-to-face” with each other, rather than sifting through long email chains for relevant information. Employees spend less time trying to communicate, and more time doing.

We are proud to help Students Rising Above in their efforts to cultivate the incredible youth that hold the keys to our future. Read the entire case study, and check out our library of other awesome case studies. If you’d like to learn how Zoom can help your business innovate, sign up for a 1-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist today.


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