New Case Study: YUMs Yoga Teaches Yoga On Zoom

YUMs LogoCheck out our newest case study: New Moms Rejoice as YUMs Yoga Teaches On Zoom! This case focuses on Alicia Tan, founder and instructor at YUMs Yoga, a virtual yoga therapy center where many women who have recently given birth practice yoga poses that will benefit their health. It provides expectant and new moms with the stress relief and relaxation they need to cope with the process of raising an infant.

Tan is meeting a real need among new mothers: “There are so many issues women face, especially when they have their first child,” explains Tan. “This presents a monumental challenge, a period in which a mother must transform to become focused on her child. All of this is in addition to recovery from the birth or surgery that she has undergone.”

Alicia Tan, founder and instructor at YUMs Yoga
Alicia Tan, founder and instructor at YUMs Yoga

What makes YUMs Yoga unique is its approach to yoga therapy. Instead of displacing mothers and detaching them from their children, a YUMs Yoga client can meet with her instructor from the comfort of her home in the company of her children. This is where Zoom comes in. Alicia wanted to offer a live video solution for her clients. After trying several solutions, Alicia found our software was her best choice to do business.

Tan explains that there are three ways Tan reaches her clients on Zoom:

“The first way is through pre-recorded material…our recordings happen through Zoom’s software. I just open up Zoom, hit record, perform yoga postures, and walk the client through each one.”

The second option: “Clients pay a monthly fee, and then receive invitations to live classes as they are scheduled. They will be able to work directly with me, with the advantage that they can ask questions, I can correct their postures, and they can go through the true yoga therapy experience in a virtual environment where they are close to their children.”

And finally, her highest-tier offering is one-on-one tutoring sessions. “I record these sessions as we’re having them so that the client can review what has been done and work on her weaknesses,” said Tan. “I particularly like the fact that the recording provided by Zoom is already in a format that my client can view straight away without having to install any extra software.”

Maternity YogaSince switching over to Zoom, YUMs Yoga became a more productive operation, with a fluid user experience. Tan loves Zoom because:

  • It is a no-brainer to use, which removes the burden of having to hold hands with tech-illiterate clients. Meetings can start on the fly.
  • Zoom’s scheduling feature provides a pillar in her business model, allowing Tan to easily arrange meetings for her clients.
  • Its high reliability and stable throughput makes it ideal for a dispersed client base with a variety of bandwidth situations.
  • Zoom is scalable, allowing Tan to expand to larger meeting capacities if she chooses to do so.
  • The HD video and audio makes both her postures and her instructions clear and easy to understand.

At this time, YUMs Yoga is a small and young business. Choices such as which video meeting software to use can have an immense impact on Tan’s business considering the model by which the she operates. The choice she made, and the journey she underwent to arrive at that choice, have made it clear that she is doing everything she can to improve the lives of her clients. Learn more about YUMs Yoga and how they use Zoom by reading the complete case. And sign up for Zoom yourself today – it’s free!





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