How Commercient Used Zoom’s Developer Platform to Embed Live Support in Its Unique Training Environment

How Commercient Used Zoom’s Developer Platform to Embed Live Support in Its Unique Training Environment

Business data is critical to the success of modern companies, but leveraging that data to gain new insights and efficiency can be extremely complex. Atlanta-based Commercient helps companies collect this valuable data with out-of-the-box software to integrate their enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to synchronize accounts, invoices, and payment records and improve inventory management. 

Commercient has created ERP/CRM integration for such leading applications as NetSuite, Microsoft, Salesforce, and more. The uniqueness of integrating such applications, however, had Commercient thinking about a more unique way to deploy its technology. So the company designed a virtual reality (VR) environment that could help simplify the installation, and it uses Zoom to augment it.

Zoom’s security, ease of use & web-based functionality

Commercient made the switch to Zoom for a number of reasons, including increased security, frictionless internal and external video conferencing, and the ability to support its global customers. One of the other key considerations for implementing Zoom, however, was the platform’s ability to serve as a support mechanism for Commercient’s newest project, a web-based, gamified VR environment that guides users through the deployment of its integration products. 

Commercient created its VR environment to give customers an interactive, step-by-step guide to implementing its integration technology, but the organization recognized the need for live, human support along the way. That’s why Commercient designed this virtual world with the option to connect to a support technician via video in real time. However, many video conferencing solutions are heavily client-based, which made it impossible to integrate other, less flexible solutions into the web-based environment. 

“Everything in this [virtual training environment] runs within a web browser, so one of the requirements was that the solution had to be able to run in a web browser,” said Richard Jenkins, co-founder of Commercient. 

Leveraging Zoom’s Developer Platform

The flexibility of Zoom’s platform made it possible for Commercient to integrate Zoom’s web-based client directly into its virtual training environment. 

“There’s a full software development kit that’s provided by Zoom on GitHub,” Jenkins said. “And having that available is important because to get everything to work securely and correctly, we have to be able to host that package on our own domain. Some other solutions don’t provide this type of access, so you can’t do what we’re doing with other solutions.” 

Providing a support mechanism that connects users to its help desk in real time ensured Commercient could give customers a one-of-a-kind implementation experience with all the required support. 

To learn about how Commercient is leveraging Zoom’s platform to drive success and create consistency in the customer experience, read the full case study. Or schedule a personalized demo with a Zoom product specialist today to learn how Zoom can support your unique business needs.

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