A Conference Room Dream Come True

A Conference Room Dream Come True

Imagine it: In three minutes you will begin the biggest presentation of your life. You’re pitching a customer while your CEO and President look on. But here’s the catch: The customer wants to meet over video conferencing. So you walk into your conference room and turn on the monitor, which starts up a blank blue screen. You look down at the tangle of wires on the conference table and an old speaker-looking thing that you can’t tell if it’s on or off. You start pushing buttons on the speaker and plugging each of the wires into your laptop. Nothing happens. Then you realize you’re not wearing any pants. You scream as you wake up in a cold sweat.

That’s our nightmare too. Which is why we made Zoom Rooms so… (here’s a revolutionary idea) EASY. Zoom Rooms is our software-based video conference room system that transforms any meeting space; small huddle room, medium sized meeting room, or large board room into the stuff of dreams. Let’s take a look at what makes it the very nexus of simplicity and versatility.

Cable-Free (aka Dongleless) Conference Room

Wires, cables, and … dongles?? You just stick one of these into the port on your laptop, right? Well, why does it never really work that way? Port incompatibility, breakage, and missing cables all prevent you from just showing that all-important thing on your laptop displayed on the big screen. And what about your iPad or your mobile phone? Let’s just avoid dongles all together with Zoom Rooms’ wireless screen sharing. No wires, no cables, and no dongles.

When you enter the Zoom Room, simply type share.zoom.us into your browser and enter the meeting ID, or share via AirPlay for Mac and iOS devices. Bam! Your riveting PowerPoint on why your business is the best business will instantly appear for all local and remote participants to see.

Wireless can apply to your microphone and speakers too. We’re fans of the new Condor system (image below) from our friends at Phoenix Audio. The Condor mounts on the wall near the monitor (instead of on the table) and works with our Zoom Rooms (we’ve thoroughly tested it!). You get a streamlined look and the AV team will be happy that participants won’t spend the meeting messing with the speaker’s buttons.

Conference Room - Condor Speaker System

Audio and Video Included

Many conference rooms still have an audio conferencing system for audio-only calls, and a separate video conferencing system. Often employees default to the audio conferencing system because it is the only one they could figure out. Zoom Rooms takes the place of both your audio conferencing system and your video conferencing system. If you want an audio-only meeting from Zoom Rooms, you can either join a meeting over VoIP and just turn off your video, or you can press Phone on the Zoom Rooms iPad controller to access the key pad for dialing in.

Conference Room Live Demo

Many companies also still have VCRs in their conference rooms, confusing and repelling millennials everywhere. This has been a necessary evil because up until now, conference rooms still needed VCR and DVD players to show video with audio. This is because most video conferencing services can’t handle streaming video efficiently, and no other service offers the ability to share video with audio. All you get is a choppy, permanently-muted video. “Well that’s what I was going for!” said no one ever. With Zoom Rooms, you can share any video that’s online or on your device with crystal clear video and audio.

Easy Controller

Forget the blue screen, the remotes, the plug ins. Your employees walk into a Zoom Room and all they see is an iPad controller. We’re pretty sure your team can figure out instructions like: Press Start to start a scheduled meeting, press Meet to invite people by name to an instant meeting, press Meeting List to see upcoming meetings and start one instantly. The Mute button mutes you, Share Content lets you share content, and so forth.

Let’s Get Going

Let’s get you out of that sweaty nightmare and into a true video collaboration dream. The first step is scheduling a one-on-one demo with a Zoom Rooms product specialist!

P.S. Not ready to toss your legacy conference room system just yet? We’ve got you covered with our Cloud Room Connector.

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