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ContentSquare Supports Its Global Expansion & Remote Workers with Zoom

ContentSquare Supports Its Global Expansion & Remote Workers with Zoom

Data is one of the most valuable resources available to businesses all over the world, and ContentSquare is using that data and its powerful platform to bring organizations closer to their customers. As a cutting-edge technology provider, ContentSquare requires a best-of-breed technology stack to serve its customers around the globe and support its explosive growth. 

In our latest case study, Alexandre Menguy, Chief Information Security Officer at ContentSquare, shared how the organization leveraged Zoom to support its rapid growth and expansion, even with the arrival of COVID-19 and the organization’s shift to a work-from-home environment

Supporting a global expansion 

“There was a time where we didn’t have a lot of video meetings because most of the employees were based in the Paris office and we could easily speak to each other in the office. But then we acquired a company in Israel and brought on some employees from the U.S. and the U.K., so we needed to have a strong and unified video conferencing solution.” 

Improving the user experience

“Our users found our legacy solution difficult to use, and we couldn’t schedule meetings in GSuite. It also required a lot of support since the software and the appliances didn’t always work.”

Implementing a proven solution 

“Part of the reason we went with Zoom was because of the high quality of the video and audio, and Zoom readily integrates with GSuite, which was a big part of our decision because it’s much easier to schedule meetings and create recurring meetings. It’s also easy to use for all of our employees, and we liked the hardware that integrates specifically with Zoom. We saw the DTENs Zoom has in its offices, and when we brought those on our employees were amazed at the DTEN and how it integrates with Zoom.” 

Communicating during a pandemic 

“When all of our employees started working from home, everything was ready for them to succeed. We had all of our SaaS applications in place, including Zoom for communication, so it was really easy for our employees to connect with each other at home and work just as they had in the office.”

Saving time with Zoom

“The integration with GSuite is really important to us. At the end of the week we gain a ton of time just by creating meetings within Google Calendar. When we need to attend a meeting we just click the link within the Google Calendar event and you’re connected very quickly. It really helps get time back.” 

Read the full case study to learn more about how ContentSquare leveraged Zoom to support its global expansion, reduce friction in the user experience, and streamline its operations.

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