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How Our Customer Success Team Uses Zoom to Deliver Happiness

How Our Customer Success Team Uses Zoom to Deliver Happiness

Here at Zoom, “Delivering Happiness” is a core value across the company. Our Customer Success (CS) team is at the forefront of this effort via daily interactions with thousands of customers. A key component to that is Zoom’s own unified communications platform and how it enables our teams to deliver a premium customer experience.  

As customer success continues to grow as a valued service across industries, we wanted to share some insights on how our teams use Zoom to keep our customers successful and happy. 

Building Trust More Quickly

A cornerstone of customer success is building trust with your customers. We rarely have the opportunity to meet our customers in person, so finding effective ways to build trust is crucial. Using the video option in Zoom is a great way to build and accelerate this. Turning on the camera from the very first encounter with the customer is a great way to establish a connection. Even if the customer is hesitant to use the video option as well, we always, on every call, have the video on. It lets them see us — our smiles, our mannerisms, and our sincerity. We become more than just a voice on the other side; we are real people they can see and read. 

Training Scalability

Our end users, even within the same company, are not all in a single location, and facilitating training for every user becomes an exercise in logistics. We use Zoom to train people on using Zoom, of course, but this can be applied for any of your internal training regimens. Users can join from the desks, at their location, and at a pre-selected time that works best for them. It is a fantastic way to reach and train hundreds of users at a time without having to coordinate a conference room space that can physically house them all. 

Getting Help … Fast!

The power of the Zoom messaging application cannot be overlooked. We leverage this internally at Zoom for numerous use cases: team communications, company announcements, product release updates, and more. However, as a customer success team, the ability to reach out to anyone in your company to get help is incredibly valuable. Whether it is another customer success leader we need to leverage, someone in support to help out live on a call, one of our product leaders, or even our CEO, everyone is on chat, responsive, and willing to help. 

Personal Anecdotes

When I started to brainstorm this post, the intent was to focus on how Zoom helps our CS team deliver happiness to our customers, but when interviewing our team, I also asked for personal stories. I had meant for them so share examples of interactions with their customers, but I also received tales of how Zoom that has had a positive impact on their personal lives. I was blown away by the power of some of these. The connections our team was willing to share demonstrates how Zoom is delivering happiness to them specifically. Here are a few of those stories:

My parents live in California; I am in Colorado. We use Zoom so they can see their grandkids, for example, when the kids are opening birthday presents or Christmas gifts. My parents get to ‘be in the room’ with us, and it is a great way to keep us all together.”

“My best friends and I have all taken jobs outside the state in which we were raised together. This has made iMessage the communication form of choice. Unfortunately, there is rarely a time when we are all engaged and messaging back and forth so we decided to use Zoom more often. By using Zoom, we can see each other via the gallery view and share our screens, whether on a computer or mobile device. This has helped us plan trips more effectively so that we can see each other in person, something we could never coordinate over SMS.”

“My 9-month-old niece lives in Copenhagen with my sister and brother-in-law, and I use Zoom every Friday to have a ‘check-in’ with them. Having a new niece so far away can get a little sad sometimes, but it is so cool that I get to use Zoom to interact with her. I have used Zoom in this way since she was born, and it is pretty awesome when I talk to her, and she looks at the camera with a big smile and now recognizes my voice. I even have a folder dedicated to all the cute screenshots of our Zoom meetings!” 

The world continues to grow, and our workforces and families are more spread out than ever. Using Zoom enables our Customer Success team to not only deliver a connection and happiness to our customers, but it has layered its way into our family lives as well. Zoom keeps us all connected and makes our worlds a little smaller.

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