Update: Stanford Continuing Studies Graduates to Zoom

Update: Stanford Continuing Studies Graduates to Zoom

SCS_logo_cymk_lgLast August, we spoke with Malena Watrous, Lead Instructor, and Teresa Kpachavi, Student Services Manager, Online Courses at Stanford Continuing Studies about the early adoption of Zoom at their school.

Stanford Continuing Studies serves more than 13,000 students each year, with 8% of those students taking online courses. Zoom is proud to contribute to Stanford Continuing Studies’ online learning program by providing a real-time communications platform for many of their courses.

When we left off, Malena had started to use Zoom for virtual office hours, but overall use of Zoom was in its infancy. “We are in the early stages of figuring out the best ways to use Zoom. We’re letting our instructors innovate and explore it,” Teresa said in August.

We got back in touch with Teresa in January to see how things are progressing…

Zoom is now pretty indispensable for us,” said Teresa. “In addition to the instructors embracing it and using it, students now expect it.”

Zoom has spread through the institution as teachers are now using the platform for a variety of use cases:

  • Holding classes over Zoom
  • Recording and posting their live and remote classes on Zoom for students to watch later
  • Recording and posting extra instructional, tutorial, or announcement videos
  • Weekly class chats

Zoom - Stanford 2And it’s not just teachers getting in on the action. Students have been opening their own accounts to host virtual study groups and Teresa has begun using Zoom to meet with students to discuss course selection (Zoom’s screen sharing feature comes in handy when going over the course catalog).

Teresa also uses Zoom for teacher trainings. With only a third of the instructors in the Bay Area, and Teresa herself in Michigan, it would be impossible – or at least very inconvenient and expensive – to host only in-person trainings. Stanford Continuing Studies has found that hybrid trainings, with some teachers present at Stanford and the rest Zooming, has worked perfectly. Teresa shows instructors via screen sharing how to build and run their courses using Zoom and their online course platform. “I love the chat and new annotation tools too,” said Teresa.

The only problem Stanford Continuing Studies has run into is convincing people how simple Zoom is! “I send people a Zoom meeting link. All they have to do is click to join, but they end up doing something else, because they can’t imagine it’s as easy as click and join,” explained Teresa, “Zoom is so simple, they just can’t fathom it.”

Stanford Continuing Studies will continue to expand its online learning programs, and we look forward to being by their side every step of the way!

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