Customer Voices: Logitech Fosters Collaboration on Zoom

Customer Voices: Logitech Fosters Collaboration on Zoom

Logitech, our partner and customer, made this video on how they create and maintain a collaborative culture in a complex, global work environment. In the video, Chief Information Officer Massimo Rapparini, Head of UX, Jaybird Zack Simons, and Head of Talent Acquisition for Americas and India, Vilma Saraza-Reduta, talk about the importance of video communications in creating an agile and innovative culture.

Logitech is a Swiss company that designs products that bring people together all over the world through music, gaming, video, and computing. With employees spread across global offices, Logitech combines Zoom with its hardware to facilitate collaboration across offices and around the globe.

In meeting rooms, Logitech video conferencing systems are combined with Zoom Rooms to connect employees. In addition, Logitech emphasizes an open-space office environment with huddle spaces running Zoom Rooms and using devices like the Logitech MeetUp to increase creative communication between employees. On the desktop, Logitech employees use the company’s webcams and headsets combined with Zoom’s desktop video meeting solution.

Empowering employees with video collaboration on desktop, mobile, and in conference rooms builds a culture of trust and engagement allowing for faster decisions and sharing of ideas.“If you have an open space environment and want to integrate collaboration spaces, then really the only way to make that happen, especially if you’re a global company, is to make video collaboration a part of that puzzle,” says Rapparini.

When Logitech started using Zoom, they anticipated around 700 calls a month, but now that number has increased to almost 15,000 calls a month, equating to every single employee using Zoom once per day, almost every day. Logitech uses Zoom for a number of purposes, from collaborating with remote and global employees to working with vendors and partners, as well as screening candidates for interviews.

“Video collaboration has been a key way for us to be successful…if you want to succeed in today’s world, you really need to be agile and innovate dynamically in a very complex environment. We believe video collaboration is an important tool for everybody to be able to operate in such an environment and be successful,” says Rapparini.

See how Logitech creates and maintains a collaborative culture in this video.

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