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Customer Voices: Ubiquity Executive Coaching

Customer Voices: Ubiquity Executive Coaching

Editor’s Note: We’re always so excited to hear from a happy customer who wants to tell their Zoom story! See below for an account of how Zoom helped transition an in-person coaching firm into an online service.

Executive coaching firm Ubiquity (www.ubiquity.coach) recently changed its business model and now delivers support to organizational leaders and executives through Zoom video meetings. Over the last decade, executive coaches at Ubiquity met with their clients face-to-face at the client’s location. However, they found many compelling benefits to evolving their business model into an online service, and after a thorough evaluation of possible conferencing providers, Ubiquity decided on Zoom.

“Both our coaches and our clients have been extremely happy with Zoom,” says Ubiquity president, Terry Lipovski. “In fact, we could not have designed a better application for executive coaching if we tried.” When Ubiquity decided to move to an online model to better serve their clients, they considered designing their own video coaching app, but after careful consideration, they realized Zoom already had all the features that they could ever hope for, and more.

“First and foremost, we wanted a video platform that was easy to use and offered dependable quality. After all, corporate executives will not tolerate flaky technology.” Lipovski cites several other features that create a rich collaborative environment for executive coaching, such as screen sharing, virtual whiteboarding, and team chat. “The in-meeting messaging feature is great, but when we started to lean on the out-of-meeting persistent chat component, that’s where we found Zoom to be a game-changer.” In addition to scheduled coaching sessions, Ubiquity now offers their clients unlimited chat support with certified executive coaches.

This anytime, anywhere chat support really sets Ubiquity apart. “The fact that our clients can get unlimited support in between scheduled coaching sessions allows us to be there for them like we never could before. And when we share resources like PDFs, URLs, or other media, it stays in Zoom’s chat, accessible by our clients for weeks or months, creating a library of support material right in the Zoom app.”

Sophia Schweitzer, a Ubiquity executive coach based in Hawaii, says video coaching over Zoom has redefined the help she can provide and who she can support. “I’m able to live on an island and support people all around the world. It’s more confidential too. My clients don’t have to field questions from their colleagues anymore, wondering who the stranger is who comes in to meet every few weeks behind closed doors. With Zoom, we can meet where and when it makes sense for them.”

Zoom has become a game changer for Ubiquity, allowing them to grow from a small regional executive coaching boutique into an influential, global network of coaches that support Fortune 500 corporations on six continents. This kind of growth would not have been possible using the old face-to-face model. “What Zoom has enabled is reach and scalability. Now we are finally able to live up to our name, Ubiquity. With Zoom, we are literally everywhere.”

About Ubiquity

Ubiquity is a privately held executive coaching firm based in Canada. They specialize in executive, leadership, presentation, and sales management, coaching, and workshop facilitation. They can be found online at www.ubiquity.coach.

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