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Deck Vs. Demo: The Effective Use of Screen Sharing in Sales

Deck Vs. Demo: The Effective Use of Screen Sharing in Sales

Visuals have been found to improve comprehension by up to 400 percent. In a competitive sales environment where getting your message across is crucial, that type of boost can mean the difference between success and failure.

It’s no surprise then that 95% of all the conversations hosted on Zoom in closed won deals utilize Zoom’s screen sharing feature. That’s a crystal clear link between sales success and a rep’s ability to share ideas, facilitate conversation, and pitch over video.

But there’s a difference between how top and bottom performing sales reps utilize screen sharing to maximize sales success. We partnered with the Chorus.ai conversation intelligence platform to crunch the numbers on +500K sales meetings made using Zoom and analyzed with Chorus’ advanced A.I. to determine when to use a deck vs. a demo and the best way to conduct a screen share for each. Check out the results below:

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