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Dell for Zoom Rooms: A Winning Combo for Zoomers

Dell for Zoom Rooms: A Winning Combo for Zoomers

Earlier this week, Zoom announced a robust ecosystem of hardware providers and integrators that expand the reach and impact of our software-based conference room solution Zoom Rooms. Today we’re going to deep dive into one such member of our Zoom Rooms ecosystem: Dell.

What does Dell offer Zoomers?

A lot! Dell provides the Dell OptiPlex, large displays, and other components optimized for Zoom Rooms. Note the key term here: optimized. It’s not just that Zoom Rooms software runs on Dell PCs (after all, it runs on any PC or Mac). We have worked together with Dell to make sure that their hardware and our software work beautifully together. Specifically, Dell has made adjustments to the memory, CPU, display ports, and hard drive of the Dell OptiPlex 7050 Micro and the OptiPlex 7450 All-In-One PC to best support Zoom Rooms.

Dell also offers a growing line of large format conference room displays. This includes touch and non-touch displays supporting 4K with sizes ranging from 55” to 86”. In addition to Dell’s own products, Dell can provide other Zoom partners’ devices to complete Zoom Rooms solutions. This includes cameras, microphones, speakers, and tablets from Logitech, AVer, MXL Microphones, and Samsung.

Sounds great! How do I get Dell for Zoom Rooms?

Well, that’s easy…Get on over to contact.dell.com/zoomrooms! This is your grand central for all things Dell and Zoom Rooms. You can find your ideal room set up based on the room size and use case, from executive offices to training rooms. You can also email zoomrooms@dell.com for a 1-1 consultation. We are happy that our customers will have the confidence and simplicity of selecting their Zoom Room experience and knowing that Dell will take care of the rest.

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