Developer Webinar Recap & Recording: Build a Node.js App with REST APIs

Developer Webinar Recap & Recording: Build a Node.js App with REST APIs

By Ammar Naqvi, Zoom Developer Evangelist

A huge shoutout to our developer community for joining Zoom’s first developer webinar last week! I was psyched to introduce myself and our Developer Platform to the community. For those of you that missed the webinar, fear-not, I’m here with a quick recap and the full recording.

We did a brief recap of our Zoom Developer Platform and then moved on to the code for our use case: an online tutoring system. An online tutoring system is a common use case for developers integrating Zoom, and we demonstrate the simplicity of Zoom integration using REST API calls. Better yet, if this use case suits your need, just go ahead and download the source code from our GitHub!  We have used the Express framework to demonstrate the application – Express is a flexible node.js web application framework and we love it.

We demonstrated the use of licenses to add tutors, adjust admin privileges, create users instantly without email verification, and downgrade and upgrade users. We also demonstrated setting up a meeting, updating the meeting, listing all meetings under a user account, and push notifications. All of this was done with a few lines of reusable code where the API calls can be plugged in as required and response values adjusted accordingly, verifying from our API playground.

If you’d like a walkthrough of all that is said and done in the webinar, please click on the video to watch the recorded session:

Stay tuned for our next webinar on creating a complete iOS app within 60 minutes using the Zoom iOS Stack. Once again, our great appreciation for all your valued feedback and support. If you have any questions or suggestions related to the webinar or Zoom Developer Platform/Tools, please reach out to us in our developer community.

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