Does Video Increase Trust & Engagement?

Does Video Increase Trust & Engagement?

Many companies are failing to provide an environment to build trust and foster engagement amongst their employees and other stakeholders. In fact, less than half of employees trust their employer, boss, or team. That’s just employees. Imagine how low trust is for partners, customers, and prospects. And only 15% of employees feel engaged at work (Forbes Gallop). On the flip side, workers who trust their colleagues are 39% more likely to love their job (WorkHuman Research Institute).

A recent survey of over 700 Zoom users shows that video can improve this situation drastically. Eighty-two percent (82%) of users said there was greater trust with video, leading to more accountability and less multitasking, and 91% of users said there was greater engagement with video, leading to better understanding through nonverbal communication. Check out our infographic for more information on how Zoom video calls increase trust and engagement!

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